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The Hows and Whats of Jenga Payment Gateway



Jenga Payment Gateway

From brick and mortar setups where people registered their businesses in recognized listings to people using their social media account information to carry out major transactions, the evolution of buying and selling has been very real across markets. It is clear that the World Wide Web changed everything. And as we stand at a juncture with 2019 almost over, it’s there for all to see how industries like fintech, with the use of technologies such as blockchain and artificial intelligence, are moving this already evolved scenario even further. 

In this current context of wider markets and global expansion of enterprises, more people than ever are finding themselves trusting online transactions. As systems become more centralized, with banks, businesses, and app developers working simultaneously alongside each other, people keep coming back for more. Payment gateway systems have a huge role to play in defining this trend of easy clickability and repeat use. 

Jenga Payment Gateway, an offering by Finserve Africa, launched in 2018, has been making waves in easing the lives of people across the continent as well as overseas in terms of online transactions. Here’s a detailed description of how this gateway service works and what it means for your business. 


How Jenga PGW works

– The Jenga payment solution essentially looks at bringing your customers closer to your business offerings. As an e-commerce transaction platform, it has integrated its services in a way that multiple modes of payment including mobile money, credit and debit cards as well as bank transfers can be availed. This makes the solution relevant as well as customized to varied needs and resources ( for example, Jenga can also be used by people who don’t have a bank account, since the service integrates the advantage of mobile money). 

– Jenga Payment Gateway has been built in a way that both merchants and their users have a seamless experience. It allows business users to collect payments fast and helps customers through faster checkouts. 

– The Jenga payment solution has expansive agility about it. It accepts payments through cards across 180 countries. 

– Jenga considers the current context of online fraud rather seriously. Which is why the platform comes in-built with fraud detection capabilities that analyze data across partner organizations. And in the process, chargebacks and penalties can be avoided to a large extent. 

– The Jenga online gateway service is developer-friendly, which means that its APIs can be used at length and aligned with complex workflows. For simpler tasks, merchants themselves can take a shot at incorporating the APIs with slight tweaks. 

– To access Jenga services, it is imperative to open a Jenga HQ account, where all elements on the platform have been integrated into a whole. From generating API keys to looking at your own dashboard, an account lets you do everything! A dedicated Developer Hub makes the system even more self-explanatory. 


What it means for your online business

– Greater security in a complex environment where thousands of businesses operate, lots of personal data is floating around and real-time hackers wait out there for process slips. 

 Improved reach for your business as your customers need not reside locally. The integration of multiple modes of payment is a blessing in this context, as it allows even the unbanked to access products and services they otherwise would not. 

– Fewer stress thanks to Jenga payment solution doing most of the heavy-lifting in terms of processes and their management, presenting a simple interface despite having several complex processes running in the background. 

 Increased conversions because a simple interface means users don’t need to struggle to find out what their next steps are. Jenga comes with an intuitive system that enables ease of use, so much so that more people are willing to come back around for next purchase. 

– Better innovation in terms of app development, especially if you’re working with complex workflows and have developers to help you around. Jenga has elaborate guides to help whoever signs up to test the system, be it someone looking for complex customizations or someone seeking simple tweaks. 


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