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The Importance of LiteSpeed web hosting for a website 2022



litespeed web hosting

What is the definition of LiteSpeed webserver hosting?

LiteSpeed web hosting – LSWS is a server solution that fully supports Apache web technologies. However, LiteSpeed servers are better suited to manage high-traffic surges while using fewer resources. It works with all user interfaces, including cPanel, WHM, and Plesk.

What specifically does LSCache mean?

To boost the speed of slow websites, LiteSpeed cache is a type of caching technology. The websites’ performance, duration, and loading speed have all been optimized. It is an optional setting offered by LiteSpeed servers.

What is the connection between LiteSpeed and WordPress?

The all-in-one site acceleration plugin LiteSpeed Cache for WordPress (LSCWP) includes a unique server-level cache and several optimization capabilities.

Woo Commerce, bbPress, and Yoast SEO are just a few popular plugins compatible with LSCWP. It also supports WordPress Multisite.

The Importance of LiteSpeed Web Hosting:

Zero Load Time:

LiteSpeed web hosting
cache technology is ideal for reducing your site’s page load times. As a result, it enables the website to improve its page speed score with zero load time.

Customers may see fast website loading times while using Linux Hosting. Speed is one of the essential things in allowing customers to stay on your site for a more extended period.

If the speed of your site is poor, the whole performance suffers. Furthermore, LiteSpeed web hosting offers both speed and performance, ensuring that no assaults on the server occur.

Undefeated Memory Storage

LiteSpeed Web Hosting is also required for shared hosting setups. Websites that run on a shared hosting platform are typically powered by LiteSpeed web hosting, usually housed on servers requiring significantly less CPU and storage than Apache.

As a result, it runs the apps at a rapid and predictable CPU and memory use. Overall, LiteSpeed webhosting is much faster than Apache Web Server. It is 50% faster than PHP performance.

Retain Performance:

LiteSpeed works well when serving websites and pages to several users per second. The best part is that it consumes minimal hardware resources, such as memory and CPU.

On the other hand, LiteSpeed delivers inert material much faster than any different web server. Furthermore, it improves PHP performance due to special PHP LSAPI.

For example, LiteSpeed can significantly assist you if you have a busy WordPress site hosted on a VPS Hosting Server. However, if you move from Apache to LSWS, you will see that your server load will drop up to tenfold in an instant.

Increased Security:

LiteSpeed hosting is the ideal option since it offers various security benefits. To begin, if you want 100% Apache compatibility, you must utilize the mod security module you will ultimately deploy to thwart most online threats. LiteSpeed functions following all the apparent requirements, with no further configuration required.

LiteSpeed web hosting is the Best Option.

Above all, LiteSpeed has various security features available with the website during a DoSS or DDoS epidemic. LSWS is primarily a built-in anti-DDoS solution that includes bandwidth and connection management. Furthermore, LiteSpeed engineers are outstanding for responding swiftly to DoS assaults.

Reduced Gear Costs:

LiteSpeed is a paid solution, instead of $30-40 month in licensing fees for hardware worth hundreds of thousands of dollars. As a consequence, your server is more responsive and consistent.

Furthermore, LSWS lowers the cost of system management, especially when it comes to 24-hour technical support. Consequently, you may contact the LiteSpeed Team for rapid assistance if you encounter such issues.

Enhanced SEO performance and profitability:

It is not a significant concern in 2022 when website speed is a vital feature required for client pleasure. As a result, search engines aid in the rapid loading of websites.

Google ranks websites using over 250 different components. It does, however, weigh more than others. Speed is undoubtedly one of the essential characteristics that should be highlighted publicly.

Therefore, LiteSpeed is an amazing decision. It unquestionably delivers fast webserver technology since it provides a fantastic technique to assure optimization with suitable speed and performance.

What makes NavicoSoft the ideal choice for your website?

Low-Priced LiteSpeedweb hosting is a straightforward option for improved website scalability and performance. In terms of performance, LiteSpeed web servers exceed all other hosting servers.

Unfortunately, due to their current, up-to-date technology, few hosting firms employ LiteSpeed servers in their hosting plans. Navicosoft is well-known for providing low-cost Webhosting on a LiteSpeed server.

We provide reasonable LiteSpeed web server prices that can help you handle huge online traffic spikes efficiently. It also offers a substantial competitive edge over other hosting servers.

It provides an easy-to-use administration console, for example. In addition, it is a direct replacement for Apache. So, if you have an older version of WordPress and wish to increase site performance, LiteSpeed technology is now available.

The Reasonable Benefits of Investing in Cheap LiteSpeed Hosting

LiteSpeed reseller hosting is the main feature that sets our services apart. Our LiteSpeed web hosting servers are 10 times faster than Apache and NGINX.

It suggests that today will be easier for you to manage your website, databases, and other site operations. So, here’s why many consider us to be among the top LiteSpeed hosting providers:

  1. Ability to control five times as much web traffic.
  2. PHP response times may be cut in half with OPCache.
  3. Memcached to speed up the MYSQL database.
  4. As a result, a website has 99% uptime on average.