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The Path to a Cloud Computing Career



The Path to a Cloud Computing Career

The adoption of Cloud Technology has become a conventional practice amongst organizations. According to the IDC report, the trend of adopting cloud shall continue to grow. Also, the market for cloud shall reach 197 billion dollars in the coming three years.

With cloud becoming an ordinary commodity with every second firm, it is obvious that there shall be an exorbitant demand for professionals who are eligible for using it. Organizations are on an exploration of intelligent, competent professionals who own the necessary Cloud Computing skills and use their expertise in helping these businesses expand further.

In this article, I am going to explain what Cloud Computing means and how can one build a strong career in this domain. 

Cloud Computing – The Definition

Cloud Computing is fundamentally a remote service that is utilized to reserve, manage as well as process the data present on the cloud. Any type of information related to data or applications that is hoarded in the cloud is possible to be recovered on the network anywhere and anytime. There are mainly three kinds of services with respect to cloud computing:

  • Infrastructure as a Service
  • Platform as a Service
  • Software as a Service

Cloud Computing Career

If you are aspiring to begin a Cloud Computing Career, you must gather knowledge about the basic steps which can transform you into an expert of Cloud Computing. Also, relevant certifications available in the market can be pursued for a bright future in this industry. The main factors which shall help you to accomplish great success are:

  1. Solid Foundation of the Cloud Computing Conceptions: It can help you in acquiring the best cloud job positions, such as Cloud Architect, Cloud Software Engineer, Cloud Consultant, Cloud Security Expert, and Cloud Software Application Engineer.
  2. Practical Knowledge: In case, you own hands-on experience along with strong good practical knowledge, you shall be in high-in-demand inside the industry.
  3. Latest Technology: Cloud Computing technology never stops updating. Therefore, always keep upgrading your knowledge with respect to the latest technology in order to begin a prosperous career in this realm.
  4. Certifications: The market has a huge number of Certifications in Cloud Computing which can make a big difference to your profile. They are the finest way to convey the employers that you have a profound understanding of your field and are ready to go an extra mile to achieve your career goals.

Misconceptions regarding Cloud Computing

There are a bunch of misapprehensions that you must get rid of before contriving a cloud computing career.

First of all, they say that it’s a mandate to know to code to have a career in this dominion which is absolutely wrong. You are not required to be a coder to become a cloud computing expert.

Secondly, it is a myth that you cannot begin your career in cloud computing if you are fresher. Whether you are a freshman or someone with tones of experience, the doors are always open for you.