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The Redesigned Gmail and G Suite



Gmail and G Suite
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The new Gmail is available now for all Gmail users and G Suite adaptor program (EAP) customers. All the changes that were made were done with the intention to boost team productivity; this was disclosed by David Thacker the VP of Product Management for G Suite.

Now there is a simpler predictive inbox app; there is also an attachment chip, hover actions, hover cards, labs feature, a preview pane and the new G mail interface is that is designed for fast action.

The new high-priority settings will help users to find their important emails easily; they won’t need to discard all the unwanted emails before they find what they want to read when the high priority feature is enabled. This will be a welcomed feature for busy individuals who don’t have time to delete all the emails they don’t want every day.

The changes in the new Google interface are looking more and more like they are geared towards making the lives of business professionals more organized. The way persons deal with email can be very time consuming when there is no organization, and all the emails are found in the inbox. A lot of the new features will be a real game-changer for the way users deal with emails now.

Users will be able to edit Google calendar invites, and all the changes will boost team productivity. Google has also announced new security features, new task mobile apps for Android, the task apps are available in the ios App Store and the Google play store.

There is a new Google security feature that is called ‘Confidential mode,’ it allows users to lock a message that contains sensitive information and allows you to set an expiry date also. It will need authentication by granting access or users can allow persons to access it through two-factor authentication with SMS to get it opened.

Potential phishing traps have been labeled; this is a welcomed change, even more, important since G mail has been targeted by scammers before. It is now possible for senders to revoke or enable certain privileges like downloading or forwarding attachments. Users will also see an expanded A1 capability like notification priority settings and smart replies. There is a new priority notification that will help users to be more organized; I’m sure it will be welcomed by users.

Features like nudging, online support, and confidential mode will be available next week. Google is trying to give users the best set of services that can be delivered by any of the competitors, so they are getting everything perfectly sorted out before they make it available to the public.

This is the first major redesign of Google that has been done in many years, and the user experience has certainly changed. It is good to see that Google is doing more to protect the security of users. It shows that they want to give users a better experience than their competitors.

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