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The use of HR Software for Enhanced Workforce Utilization



The use of HR Software for Enhanced Workforce Utilization

An organization has to handle a lot of in-premises tasks in order to deliver a product or service to its clientele. As a result of the involvement of numerous departments with multiple functions, the management of the workforce in the current environment requires heavy assistance as the diverse departmental scopes leave little room for the employers when it comes to properly manage each employee. For this purpose, a dedicated HR Software solution is widely sought by the businesses to deal with human resource management processes. This includes all the tasks between hire to retire cycle of an employee. An HR Software solution covers all these aspects in a comprehensive manner with complete automation-based data capturing and processing. As the computerized systems handle the workload without any human intervention, the quality of work is maintained regardless of the quantity of the data to be processed, a number of employees to be managed, and the time constraints are also not applicable. We shall view the functionalities which shall help the businesses in effective workforce utilization through the automation-based HR Software solutions.


Employee Acquisition and On-Boarding:

The HR Software shall provide the talent acquisition module where the HR can generate a vacancy in the organization’s website and the online job portals. The HR Software shall provide a suitable job description for the profile and the vacancy can be directly posted to the website and job portals. The applications are received by the system and a list of applicants is generated. The initial screening is done by the software itself as per the laid down preferences of the company. The interview schedule is also facilitated with email correspondence. All the Interviewees are engaged using automation until the concerned position is closed. The self-onboarding module will help the new joiners to complete the initial processes. They can be provided with access to the system where all their documents required by the company can be submitted instantly. The company-related documents can be read while completing the form filling which makes the onboarding a simple and quick process. The HR need not pay manual attention to it which also makes the tasks more efficient.


ESS Portals and Performance Management Systems:

The employees need to communicate with the company on multiple issues. This can be done with the use of the Employee Self Service Portals which makes the correspondence seamless by making all the transactions completely digital. The employees can make leave applications form the portal and reporting managers can take actions right from their computers. The payslips are available to be downloaded by the staff member from any place. Therefore, there is no need to make any work-related correspondence in office hours and leave their existing tasks. The Performance Management System helps HR to monitor, measure, and manage the employee output in an effective manner. The performance policy for all the employees can be customized as per their work profile, seniority and, location to deliver perfect metrics. This also allows better appraisals because the HR has access to the comprehensive data of the output around the year. Strategic decisions such as transfers and promotions are also widely benefited. 


Payroll Processing, Expense Management, and Statutory Compliance:

Every HR faces the struggle while processing the salaries due to the multiple pay components involved in each of the employee’s compensation. The hr software shall provide with Payroll Processing module which uses the data acquired by the attendance management system and PMS to devise a proper salary. The Expense Management System shall gather and process all the claim requests from the employees as per the eligibility of the employee. All the data is processed accurately with the help of the computerized solutions which also provide the company with statutory compliance filings. These filings are required by the government bodies on monthly, quarterly, and yearly frequency and preparing them manually requires tonnes of efforts and time which can’t be justified by the value they deliver.

Using an HR Software shall reduce the time lag in all the activities concerning the employee management along with making the processes more agile and responsive. The configuration capabilities allow the software to address a wide range of requirements of the organization which makes them very useful in the long term scenario.

Shy Lee is an Associate Digital Marketing Manager at factoHR , a India based hr and payroll software solution providers. A creative marketing strategist with over 8 years of experience developing digital marketing strategies and guiding business development