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Tips for Tech geeks Confession Day



10 Tips for Surviving a Tech Confession Day

Navigating your first year in tech geeks can be difficult, whether you’re a recent tech geek science graduate or a courageous job shift fresh out of a coding boot camp.

I felt like I was sipping from a firehose during my first year since there was so much to learn, said software developer Mitch Irvin, who is currently beginning his fourth year of study.

We asked two experts who had recently taken the “newbie” path to share what they had learnt as well as their advice for initial success in order to make sure you succeed in your first year in tech geeks.

Contributions of Nelson Torres to the Technology Sector

Tech geek Nelson created by Nelson Torres, enjoys assisting others with their technological requirements. The tiny business Nelson Torres Tech Solutions, which offers technology consultation and support, was founded by Nelson tech geek.

Nelson has been offering clients technical help for several years and has gained a lot of knowledge. He offers some of his most insightful advice on how to become more tech-savvy here.

Tips for surviving a tech geek

1.    Do Your Duty

While it’s important to look after your physical and mental health when you’re under stress.

It’s also possible that you’ll need to spend a few hours every night brushing up on the foundations of software.

Development in order to improve your performance at work. Face it, you don’t learn everything you need to know in school.

Irvin noted that new tech geeks frequently use code to express solutions.

When they ought to be concentrating on figuring out what the problem is, why it exists, and how to solve it.

Get into the habit of solving problems before you begin writing code. If you want to succeed in your first year of working in the IT industry (and beyond).

2.    Prioritize people over projects in the first year.

The importance of and often difficulty in developing strong working relationships with your coworkers.

Successful professionals typically advance in their careers by putting people above the results of a project.

Learn about the personalities of your coworkers to increase trust. Invite them out for lunch or coffee and express a wish for respect for one another.

3.    Get Rid of Imposter Syndrome

Simply said, there are instances when there is just so much information presented to you that you may feel unqualified and a fake.

This is known as “imposter syndrome,” and if you let it, it can seriously lower your standards.


When Maigen Thomas, a former flight attendant. She quit her job as a flight attendant to enroll in web development boot camp.

She said, “You are going to experience ego death in your first year.”

4.    Restart the computer.

A lot of individuals start their computers and make an outline. Avoid doing this. At first, preparation should be analogue. Distractions should be kept to a minimum and technology turned off.

You must put your concept on the wall and get it out of your head so that you may see it, discuss it, and improve it.

5.    The audience comes first.

Even though we claim to be “sharing our tale,” we actually are narrating theirs. Our narrative is actually their story if it is written and presented correctly.

Yes, the plot the incidents and details, as well as their arrangement may be particular to us, but the idea is universal.

6.    Have a distinct theme.

Details are crucial. Data, proof, and logical coherence are significant. But we must keep in mind what is truly significant and what is not to do by the tech geeks.

Talks frequently lead listeners down a rabbit hole of extensive detail and a tone of information, most of which is forgotten when the session is over.

7.    Make the conflict obvious.

No conflict means no story. Many presentation topics are about issues that need to be resolved.

However not all of them are about tech geeks. And we can undoubtedly make any speech better by being aware of the issues at stake and the challenges we must face.

10 Tips for Surviving a Tech Confession Day

8. Show a noticeable shift.

An effective speech by tech geeks must be able to bring about change.

 According to business guru Seth Godin, a presentation that doesn’t aim to affect change is a waste of time and effort. Information, inspiration, and motivation are frequently mixed together in presentations and discussions.