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 8 tips that help you to keep your salon fully booked



Every salon owner wants to keep their beauty salon always booked with a lot of appointments. But now the question arises, Are they able to maintain the regular flow of customers? Are salon customers loyal to them?

To keep the customer flow well and maintain loyalty. Salon owners need to provide the best spa and salon services. Also, employees have to give the customer expected services to stay in a competitive beauty industry.

Customers do not want to come again if they get disappointed services, poor booking system, bad employee behavior, etc. The best ways to increase repeat booking and keep your salon fully booked all the time are to choose the best salon software, send personalized gift cards, provide the services as per the customer’s needs, etc.

Owners face a lot of problems to attract new customers and retain the existing ones. Owners face a lot of problems attracting new customers and retaining the existing ones. Here are the 8 tips which will help to make the booking process faster.

Tips and tricks to keep the salon and spa fully booked

Greet customers arriving at the salon

Customers always remembered their first visit to the salon and how they got treated by the staff members. To maintain the regular visit and make the customer experience better. Greet the customer with a smile and introduce yourself to form a genuine bond at the time of arriving. Another essential aspect of a warm welcome is calling the customer’s name to make them feel more comfortable. Employees should help the customers during the appointment and also inform them if they have to wait for availing of the services.

Select the best salon software

Those salon businesses that are managing the appointments manually suffer a lot. It’s likely to discourage customers from using salon services. But, the integration of advanced technology makes the booking process more simplified and faster.

Choose the best salon scheduling system which meets the requirements of the salon owner and helps to achieve the salon targets. The software aids the salon owner to book, rebook and cancel appointments. However, it also shows the availability of the staff and sends automatic booking confirmations and reminders to the customers.

Text message reminder service

Sometimes, salon owners feel frustrated to see the customers forget about their appointments. Salon software aids to reduce no-shows and late cancellations with automated text reminders. It also helps to increase the productivity of the staff, ensure customers return back, efficient resource allocation, and overall growth of the salon business.


Appointment scheduling and reminder software increase customer loyalty by creating a better customer experience through an easy booking process and saves a lot of time. Also, salon businesses can alert their customers about pending payments, upcoming offers, and discounts, etc. 

Send vouchers and gift cards online

It brings more customer engagement when salon owners send vouchers and gift cards to their lovely customers with the help of online salon software at their special events such as birthdays and anniversaries. This offer makes the existing customer are valued and pushes them to refer new customers to avail of the product and services. Therefore, it leads to the growth of the salon.

Identify Returning And Non-Returning Customers

First of all, salon owners need to find loyal customers. As a beauty salon owner, it is important to prioritize the customers as per their number of availed products and services from the salon.


The integration of salon CRM software records customer information such as name, service history, contact details, number of visits to the salon, etc. It helps to identify returning and non-returning customers. And, also implement ways to reconnect again in the future like sending personalized gift cards, advance booking, and offering special deals and combos. So that, customers don’t think of moving to another salon for availing of the services.

Ask for customer feedback

Before visiting the beauty salon, every customer goes through the reviews on the salon’s website. If a customer feels satisfied with the reviews, the flow of customers automatically increases.

After providing the services, the salon owners can take the reviews from the customers to feel valued. It leads to high-up appointments. The salon system helps to record the feedback of the customers. And, that aid to improve the services and make the customer experience better. 

Customers should avail services from skilled staff

When customers visit the salon to avail of products and services for the first time. Customers don’t have any idea which staff member is suitable for their needs and beauty treatment. On that note, they will choose the salon for further services.

Many customers are choosing to get the services from specific staff members only. With the help of salon software, customers can do so. This will enhance the best possible customer service experience.

Offer a customer loyalty scheme

Many customers devalue the discounts on products and services of the salon. Customers think if they are paying less for any particular service or product it’s something fishy. Instead, the salon owners can offer a reward to the customers for their loyalty.

Customers get marked for every visit and this will help the salon owner to count the frequency of customers’ visits to the salon. So, the owner can decide the reward given to the customers accordingly.

Wrapping up

The success of the salon all depends upon the efforts made by the salon owner. Mostly, owners want to get successful without making any effort and ultimately suffer a heavy loss of earnings.

Customer engagement is an essential aspect to foster loyalty and keep the regular flow of customers. Resolve all customer queries and deliver the best product and services required to connect more with the customers. If the owner is looking for perfect fits in the eyes of the customer then, don’t forget to integrate the salon software in the salon. This software automates all the tasks and brings efficiency to the salon. Therefore, it helps to keep your salon fully booked all the time.


Julia Ching is associated with Salonist, a salon booking software for all types of beauty & wellness industries. She assists business owners on how to grow their business through fully featured software. For more follow her on Facebook and Twitter.