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Top 3 Apps for Automating HR Process



Apps for Automating HR Process

Having an HR specialist in a company is equally important as having a programmer. The person performs such precise tasks as a selection of future members of a team, giving a proper impression about a company and accompanying them through the whole process of adaptation. The quality of an HR work is directly connected with a company’s success as a recruiter should read between the lines and catch necessary details from the flow of dialogues. Human resource functions also include going through thousands of resumes, appointing interviews and decision making. It is important to obtain automation tools for manual tasks. We gathered the best 3 apps for HR specialists to gain the best result in the recruitment process.

Human Resource Processes


This process includes searching and interviewing candidates, hiring and adapting staff. A recruiter should evaluate not only professional experience, but also soft skills: managing skills, personal characteristics, and understanding of certain business. Searching and hiring people to take most of an HR time. Tech tools may help HR with the process of selection. The main task of HR remains the same – this is recruitment. Gradually HR manages more processes, which we will mention further. The most demanding sphere for HR specialists is IT-sphere, as IT companies are personnel-dependent.



Among other human resources management processes, an important one makes the relationship between company and employee honest. The recruiter evaluates what the company needs – skills, qualifications, competencies, results of work. Competencies are knowledge, abilities, skills that are manifested in behavior. They are divided into hard and soft. Soft skills are competencies that are often referred to as personal qualities, like communication skills or business management. The importance of soft skills is often underestimated. Hard skills are needed to complete work tasks, as well as for business development. For a programmer, these are programming languages, for a translator is knowledge of languages, for a car engineer is the ability to repair a car.


Training and development of personnel

There are many different training systems. Every business is free to choose suitable for its own tasks. This may be a corporate university, external training, or an internal training system. Training helps new employees adapt to the company. Without proper adaptation, the company risks that the new employee will not get involved in the work, or work results won’t be as they were expected. It is necessary to introduce an employee to the company, explain all the necessary points, introduce him to a mentor or curator. Adaptation is also a trial period when both the employee and the company have a period to challenge the correctness of the choice.


 Compensation and benefits

The problem of the inability of HR managers to consider bonuses has long been an issue. The question of how bonuses and taxes are paid plays a large role in the company. HR should monitor salaries and bonuses level. To effectively perform this function, HR must understand the business. They have to understand what kind of business model a company has and what kind of marginality a product or service has, as well.


Corporate culture

It is important to maintain the culture of an organization or company under the requirements of the founders or owners. This can be done through rituals, ceremonies, consistent with the spirit of the company, as well as the dress code. It must be kept in mind that corporate culture is created by the owner of a company, an HR only supports it. What HR really responsible for is the recruitment process outsourcing model. There are usually many of strategic HR management process, therefore an HR can choose the most convenient for working. If the corporate culture of the company is no different from competitors, its employees will not regard the work as something important. They can easily go to those who pay more or offer better bonuses.

Top 3 Apps for Automating HR Process

Some of the HR functions can be automated with the help of apps and software. These automation tools can turn piles of documents or folders in an organized system with all the necessary information. This approach facilitates the process of recruitment for an HR specialist.  

Modern companies are aware that people are their most powerful asset and competitive advantage. To help HR-specialists, programs and services for personnel management have been created.

1. BambooHR lets HR focus on people, not process. It collects and organizes all the information during the work of employees, and then helps to use it to achieve common goals. It can be applied to any stage of work: hiring, on-boarding, bonus calculation and building a corporate culture. The benefits of using the tool are: accumulating information about employees’ productivity, more time for HR to focus on communication with personnel, a clear understanding of worker and company purpose alignment. 

2. Ideal uses AI to select potential candidates, analyzing all the information about them: resume, assessment, and performance data. We do advise to use the system as it works within the framework of the existing system, eliminating the need to learn new software. Automation plus AI – the perfect combination for the convenient work of an HR specialist. 

3. is an automated assistant for the tasks of a human resources manager. Functions include scheduling appointments, decryption calls, and creating information bases. The productivity of HR will grow positively due to the automation of previously manual resource management processes

Bottom Line

Whether a company adds these tools or an HR start to using them, eventually the quality of HR work will increase significantly. Automation helps to get rid of routine tasks as a selection of candidates, filling of schedule and many other time-cutting processes. Functions of an HR include a variety of tasks, so it is important to leave human recruitment as the main one.

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