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Top 5 Amazon Price Tracker Tools



Top 5 Amazon Price Tracker Tools

Like everyone else, I like a good deal. If you want anything like me, you do most of your shopping on Amazon. So, there other days, I was on Amazon looking to buy a new MacBook since my old Lenovo laptop is giving up on me and I realized that the prices have changed, yet again.

Prices on Amazon fluctuate a lot. To tackle this issue, I went in to find the best price tracking tools and came up with 5 amazon price tracker tools to receive amazon price alerts. It can save you’re a lot of time and money.

Amazon Price Trackers 

1.  Keepa

Keepa offers a lot of cutting edge apparatuses like value history charts, value drop and stock accessibility cautions bargain alarm, and program additional items for Firefox, Chrome, Edge, and Opera.

You can look for items under Deals by class, reaches, and deals positioning. You can likewise look for items by Drop Percent Range which will permit you to choose a range in rate. For instance, I looked for Macbook and picked 10% and it returned with postings where the cost has dropped by up to 10%. Directly beneath that is the Drop Range highlight which works comparably however in dollars rather than rates. You can see the verifiable cost of any item in the charts.

Aside from the US, Keepa likewise tracks bargains and sends value drop cautions for International destinations like in Europe and Asian business sectors. Keepa is viewed as outstanding amongst other value tracker devices to get value drop alarms through messages, Twitter, Facebook, Telegram, and RSS channels. To get a value drop alert utilizing email, simply label an item.


2. is one of the best amazon price tracker for search the products, price monitoring, and tracking tools for Amazon. It is a price tracker for items on Amazon and finds the hot deals every day.

Amzdealz is one of the new & the smartest price tracker tool for Amazon. The layout structure is beautiful and understandable. It offers a set of advanced tools like price history, price alert, hot deals alert, etc.

It works very similar to camelcamelcamel and keepa works. You can search for products to view price history graphs on the product page itself.  Other popular features are filtered by category, wishlist sync, Amazon locales & search products by entering the Amazon URL directly into the search bar. What it lacks is the ability to filter based on price and percentage range. shows the lowest and highest price after the deduction offer price.


3. Camel Camel Camel

All things considered, I surmise the originator of this site loves a decent desert safari. Disregard the name, the site works admirably of following costs of items on Amazon and sending bargains directly into your inbox. The program add-on is called Camelizer and it is accessible in Firefox, Chrome, and Safari.

It works fundamentally the same as how Keepa functions. You can look for items or utilize the program add-on to see value history charts on the item page itself. The ruler of pastry will likewise inform you using Twitter if there is a value drop on your preferred item. It’s known as the Camel Concierge administration yet dissimilar to Keepa, it just chips away at Twitter.

Other striking highlights are Amazon regions, channel by classification, list of things to get sync and search items by entering the Amazon URL legitimately into the inquiry bar. What it needs is the capacity to channel dependent on cost and rate go. CamelCamelCamel shows the most reduced and greatest cost independently in green and red text styles which makes it simple to decide if the current cost is acceptable or not.

4. Jungle Search

The site has been aptly named Jungle Search. Jungle Search is a relatively simple search system that will take you to the site Amazon site when you hit the enter button.

You can channel the classification of the items shrewd or look for them utilizing the moderately basic pursuit structure. Enter the name of the item, organization name, least and most extreme rate off, least and greatest cost, and client audits.

5. Honey

Honey is a powerful instrument at following Amazon costs. Honey is accessible as a program adds on Chrome and Firefox. The Droplist highlight will empower you to get email notices when the costs of your preferred items drop. After introducing the addon, when you visit, you will see another catch “Add to Droplist” utilizing which you can add items to your Droplist. On the off chance that the value falls by over 5%, you will get an email. While including an item, you will get an alternative to watch the item for 30, 60 or 90 days. The value history works correspondingly where you can see costs for the last 30, 60, or 120 days.

Mr. Mack John is a passionate writer and occasionally writes about different topics including Search Engine Optimization, E-Commerce, Web Design, Online customer behavior and more.

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