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Top 5 reputation management software



reputation management software

A quick assessment of your company’s online reputation may be all you need to believe in the need for reputation management software. In addition, the following three questions should be enough to find out why you need a good one.


Determine if your business:

Is any of the search results on the first page if you use related keywords or the name of your brand or products for lookup?

Have you collected reviews from satisfied customers from previous interactions?

Are you asking for customer feedback or conducting feedback surveys? What do they say about you?

A reputation management software – a good one – is more than just a way to collect reviews. It’s about increasing customer engagement so that your consumers promote your brand for you.


If you have already tested this software, test these jewels:

The best thing about Talkwalker is that you can use the free social search for a week! As the name implies, Talkwalker lets you monitor the settings for your brand. The said moods are calculated by tracking the posts, articles, and tweets that mention your brand. That’s because these are the updates that direct the flow of the social sea around your brand.

Talkwalker searches more than 150 million websites during its search, including the most commonly used social networks. You will explore different social waters to get a unique overview of the reputation your company has built for itself.

WebiMax is an excellent online reputation management tool for two reasons. First, it provides all the services companies need to repair their damaged reputation. Second, it offers a wide range of tools that companies can use to maintain a positive reputation.

WebiMax was developed to align its strategies with corporate reputation goals. First, it analyzes how the reputation of your business is currently. The assessment may not be too deep, but it will help WebiMax develop different strategies and tactics that can help them.

Excellent customer service and the ability to engage in the short term distinguish WebiMax from most similar tools.

BrandYourself is all about doing it yourself! You can personally create a brand and manage its online reputation. New here? Do not worry, you have all the instructions from BrandYourself in front of you. It guides you through the process of increasing your company’s online presence through specific social media profiles. Once you have an account on these sites and have created a profile, you can use BrandYourself ‘teachings to optimize them and rank them higher on Google.



Mentionlytics is great at what it does. With this award-winning monitoring tool, you can maintain or improve the reputation of small and large businesses. You may even see people like celebrities, artists and politicians promoting their brand. The setup is simple and requires minimal information like your brand name to get started.

When you use this software for the first time, you will receive a complete report that shows what others are saying about your brand. This means that all posts from Facebook and Instagram, tweets from Twitter, and updates from platforms like YouTube and Pinterest are included. Mentionlytics does not overlook other websites like news and blogs.

Mentionlytics is easy to use and provides the required information in an accessible way. Another positive aspect of this tool is that it gives you a global view of the reputation of your brand, as it extracts information from many different sources. Finally, Mentionlytics offers a variety of features, even if you sign up for a startup plan. The latter would be a great idea for a small business that would have to pay much more for the high cost that other reputation management software offers.

ReviewTrackers is another award-winning platform where more than 40,000 companies monitor and manage their ratings and reputation. That tells you everything about the reliability of the software. It is also accurate and easy to use, which is why beginners can handle it.

Like the other options in this list, ReviewTracker aggregates online reviews of major websites and analyzes them for you. This is extremely useful for companies spread across multiple locations. With this tool, such a company can easily track important customer information for each location.

In addition to the above features, ReviewTrackers allow users to specify which review notifications they want to receive and centralize everything for ease of use.


While you should already opt for a reputation management service, you might want to do some research first. Choose one that takes into account the individual needs of your business. Then make some quick budget calculations before you get involved!


Rize Reviews

Rize Reviews is another great tool that thousands of companies use to monitor and manage their ratings and reputation. One of the reasons why this software is used by so many companies is that their processes are fast, efficient and simple. It consists of one step and does not require any complicated processes, so you can work without any problems.

Rize Reviews can be integrated into over 100 of the most important review pages, so you can put all your positive reviews together in one place and help the tool analyze them for you. This tool is especially useful for companies that have multiple franchises and target a broad audience. Through Rize Reviews, such a company can track every single evaluation of the various locations.

In addition to the review feature, Rize Reviews users can also customize their brand message, add website widgets, and add review kiosks when an email is not available. The software can also be integrated into popular CRM and POS systems.

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