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Top AI Instagram Accounts



Top AI Instagram Accounts

Artificial Intelligence is a discipline full of possibilities yet fraught with questions. Explaining how an AI program works is often difficult without using the proper visuals to tell the tale. Luckily, we live in an age of eye-popping social media imagery and interconnectedness. The following Instagram accounts give users a firsthand grasp of AI companies that are on the cutting edge of human/machine interactions as they continue to evolve…


@BehavioralSignals – The art of conversation is as complex as it is confounding. Subtle cues indicate emotional inflections that traditional AI programs often miss, but the team at Behavioral Signals is about to level up our collective understanding of the matter. Their breakthroughs in conversational voice recognition have already made inroads in the fields of robotics, customer care, and virtual assistance, and their Instagram account helps contextualize their work with illustrative graphics and helpful hints.


@Affectiva_EmotionAI – What’s the difference between a smile and a smirk? While humans understand that these gestures are worlds apart, machines never could… until now. The facial recognition software being pioneered by Affectiva is built on a foundation of millions of reactions, recorded and compiled in a database that helps revolutionize such interfaces as a driver & smart car, or consumer & marketer.


@CogitoLife – Automated customer service programs are often frustrating and lacking the detail necessary to provide true assistance. That’s why the Cogito crew is concocting new ways to detect human speech patterns like pauses, pitch, and urgency in order to perfect a new era in voice recognition AI. The company’s Instagram feed will attest to the fact that their company’s culture is as vibrant as their visionary technology, depicting their Boston based employees hard at work, enthralled with play, and generally enjoying the benefits of the technology they are honing day by day.


@Gartner_Inc – The sudden rise in AI applications can be overwhelming, making it difficult for entrepreneurs to understand the best ways to use this tech in their respective businesses. It is Gartner’s mission to act as a liaison between companies and AI providers to amplify the benefits to each party, whether they are trying to increase productivity in automation or enhance their medical science acumen. Instagram followers can keep up with Gartner’s upcoming public appearances and/or online chats, so their social channels are the ideal way to stay connected to the next chapter in AI innovations. – As the Earth becomes more and more densely populated, urban planning and development initiatives get increasingly complicated. Satellite imaging has provided a quantum leap in our ability to get a bird’s eye view of metropolitan centers, but analyzing the data from these satellite feeds has been cumbersome in years past. Enter Sky AI. This ambitious company based in The Netherlands processes raw data and translates it into insights that map such phenomena as heat islands and waste overflow. By providing municipalities and small businesses with this vital information, Sky AI is determining the future of how our population loci will look for centuries to come.


@LiftEmotion – We interface with a seemingly endless series of apps every day. They affect our mood in a myriad of ways, many of which we may not recognize. Now, the team at Lift Emotion is devising a way for computers to experience the emotional stimuli brought on by games, songs, and other media before we do. Their Instagram feed takes the temperature of Internet materials and quantifies them across the four quadrants of joy, anger, fear, and sadness, giving us a visual representation of how we may react. This informs future AI platforms about their potential audiences before hitting the market.


@Women_In_AI – Empowerment is the primary goal of Women in AI, a networking initiative aimed at equipping females with the resources and opportunities they need to realize their respective visions in the realm of artificial intelligence. With over 1,500 members across 80+ countries, there is indeed strength in numbers, and innovation blooms daily on their Instagram feed. Followers can get some face time with fellow entrepreneurs, learn about upcoming gatherings, and generally commune with other like-minded women in the field.


@DataScienceUniverse – A collective that unites anyone and everyone fascinated with machine learning, the DSU Instagram feed quantifies and visualizes data to the point of the artwork. Sample posts include a Game of Thrones data manifestation that interweaves death count, tribal connections, and other fantastical information in one epic post. Other content illuminates ways to apply AI in the spheres of education, government, and language processing, not to mention AI mainstays like chatbots and voice recognition. This is a garb-bag of all things tech for those who crave it most.


@nvidiaai – Nvidia prides themselves on what they call “deep learning” – going beyond the known world and finding the possibilities just simmering beneath the surface. By applying these insights to the business realm, Nvidia is affecting change in every recess of our potential, from medical science advancements to gaming breakthroughs to robotics innovations. With high profile partners like Tesla, the Nvidia crew is reshaping the landscape of tomorrow… but you can meet them in the here and now through the convenience and immediacy of social media. Nvidia’s Instagram feed showcases the faces behind the machines, celebrating their staff and highlighting their wondrous accomplishments in every humanistic post.


The aforementioned organizations have started a conversation that is getting louder by the nanosecond. While only 15% of companies today report utilizing AI in their daily operations, more than twice that many aspire to incorporate the technology into their functionality within the next year. By getting their message out in digestible content like Instagram posts, the thought leaders on this list have staked out their status as innovators in the social media age.

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