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Top 11 Fintech Software Development Companies



Fintech software development company

Looking to hire a reliable company or consulting firm that can help you carry out your fintech software development project with utter perfection? In this post, we’ve compiled a list of top 11 companies around the world that provide excellent fintech software development services:


According to numerous reviews and surveys, we found 10Pearls to be the best custom fintech software development company. Their clientele is extraordinary, consisting of the likes of Coca-Cola, NASA, Unilever, PayPal, Thomson Reuters, and Edelman Financial Services. People at 10Pearls never shy away from innovating. From blockchain to AI, they integrate different enterprising technologies in their digital products. 10Pearls has helped fintech companies stand out and keep up with market trends by providing them with advanced, proven, and feature-rich software development solutions.


BairesDev is a custom software development and engineering firm with branches located in New York, Toronto, Barcelona, San Francisco, and Harvard. The company offers incredible end-to-end and scalable software development companies and has a massive clientele of enterprise-level firms, including Rolls Royce, EY, and Motorola. They started booming post their collaboration with Chime, a popular fintech startup. BairesDev was also recognized by Inc. 5000 as one of the fastest-growing companies in the US.

Fireart Studio

Fireart Studio is a Poland-based software development company. It was initially founded as a digital agency focused mostly on product design and development. Since then, it has transitioned into software development and has worked on many fintech projects with high-profile clients. From UI/UX design to software development, Fireart Studio offers various digital product development services. It has an extensive portfolio of successful design and development projects. Due to its recent fintech-related project, Fireart Studio is considered one of Poland’s best fintech software development companies.


EffectiveSoft is a software development company known for using big data to make efficient fintech apps and software. Their developers follow a complex set of standards while developing enterprise software and security systems and improving the performance of business operations. EffectiveSoft has a clientele consisting of multiple Fortune 500 financial firms. They have helped companies improve the efficiency of their financial processes by building secure and robust IT ecosystems and offering reliable development services.


Appventurez deals in the development of all kinds of software. However, because there is a sharp rise in the demand for efficient and intuitive digital financial services, they have shifted their focus to fintech development. Appventurez has provided banks, financial institutions, and insurance firms with secure and top-notch software development services, helping them undergo digital transformation and further elevate the customer experience. Their solutions help companies improve their workflow and ensure smooth and uninterrupted financial services.


Inoxoft is a software development company that mainly provides fintech companies with automation solutions and effective digital strategies. With the use of technologies like AI, they have designed software and apps that help users make informed investment decisions. Their fintech digital solutions have reached millions of users worldwide and made financial services much more convenient and seamless.

The Software House

As the name suggests, The Software House delivers cutting-edge software development solutions to multiple high-profile fintech companies and startups growing into new areas. Fintech companies must meet the dynamic technological and commercial challenges by constantly updating their software and tools. The Software House not only helps fintech companies keep up with market trends but also helps them boost revenue through impressive CX. Their developers have created multiple interactive and feature-rich software and applications that millions use.


Over the years, Sombra has worked on multiple fintech software development projects, some of which were long-term solutions. Clients love their work due to their attention to detail and dedication towards quality. They create highly secure and user-friendly digital products containing features that are necessary for every fintech service these days. Sombra aims to improve the efficiency and performance of financial services, secure user data, and make processes cost and time effective by delivering world-class fintech solutions.


Praxent provides fintech companies with reliable custom software development services. Their developers specialize in creating seamless and custom UI/UX that drives better conversion, customer engagement, interaction, and brand loyalty. Their clientele includes high-profile fintech companies and startups that improved their digital infrastructure with the help of Praxent’s intuitive and custom software development solutions.


Merixstudio is another reliable fintech company on this list that provides top-notch development and digital transformation services. This Poland-based company specializes in cross-platform fintech mobile app and web application development. They provide end-to-end solutions to fintech companies and help improve their IT ecosystem. Their developers use languages and frameworks like PHP, JavaScript, Python, Flutter, React, etc.

Atomic Object

Atomic Object is a Michigan-based fintech product design and development firm. The company has been in operation since 2001. Its services include custom fintech software development. They implement technologies like AI and IoT into their digital products to help their clients stand out from their competitors.  Atomic Object offers full-cycle product development, from planning to full implementation in code and deployment. The company caters to a wide range of businesses, from startups and Fortune 500 companies to medium-sized enterprises.

So, there you have it. The above-mentioned firms can develop amazing fintech apps and software for your business. However, if you want the best results, we recommend investing in the best fintech software development company on this list.