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Top Reasons Why WordPress CMS is Perfect for Photography Website



Top Reasons Why WordPress CMS is Perfect for Photography Website

The main reason why WordPress has the upper hand preference over other content management systems is that it is flexible and scalable. There are millions of ways to customize your website using plugins, extensions, themes, etc.

Many photographers think that a dedicated website is not necessary because they think that showcasing their work ib platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Flickr, etc. is sufficient. But this a wrong belief system if you are seeking to expand your business. 

A website keeps a user engaged in your work, whereas social media handles often suggest the related work to the user, and it is the biggest drawback. Nobody wants a user to wander off their business profile. A dedicated professional website keeps a user in direct communication and other formalities like payment and delivery are done in a discreet manner. 

So, let’s dig into the main reasons to unravel why you should use the WordPress platform for your photography website.

Design Flexibility

During your quest to find the best platform for your photography website, you may find various platforms that can readily furnish a website of your choice. Still, many of them may lack the flexibility and freedom to tweak and customize the site.

For instance, you want to add an image slideshow to your homepage but the feature is unavailable with the template you have chosen. However, by using  WordPress theme customization service , the requested feature and various other additional things can be added, enhanced or removed.  Such platforms have a one-track approach and do not offer scalability outside their framework. 

WordPress, on the other hand, has a myriad of choices and offers scalability, flexibility, and freedom to add design features to engineer a unique website. You get a bespoke website that reflects your photography brand, work, and taste with your audience. 

100% Control Over The Website

WordPress outshines major platforms like Wix, Squarespace, Showit, Weebly, Zenfolio, etc. when it boils down to offering complete control over your professional website.

You can choose your dedicated web hosting service, and this decision plays a crucial role in deciding the loading speed of your website and security. On the contrary, other counterparts of WordPress have their terms and conditions and server capacity, irrespective of your website performance.

These factors play a very critical role when situations like outages, downtime, and DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service), a cyberattack in which your network becomes unavailable for an indefinite time. 

If such scenarios happen in the WordPress platform, you have to switch your service provider and get services from another hosting brand. This flexibility results in a boost in website performance. Do not worry; your website data will always remain intact and original.

Last but not least, it is the data portability factor, and WordPress allows a smooth transition of data and backup of all website content. Other website building platforms have limitations.

Flexibility For Functionality

Apart from the conventional way that WordPress offers, which comes by default, a hundred thousand pre-built solutions are ranging from plugins, extensions, third-party integrations. These features, once incorporated, leads to the scalability in the website performance and make it powerful, robust, and functional.

In the WordPress repository, there are 40K diverse options to seek and incorporate into your website. Free to premium features, it just depends on your budget and goals that impact your business website’s functionality.

You have more than you need to add to your website and evolve your photography business.

Ease of Use

WordPress has a straightforward and friendly user interface. You can easily customize anything from the backend dashboard of WordPress, which doesn’t require any coding expertise. You can see the change instantly via the preview window option.

Well, there is no denying the fact that WordPress has a learning curve, and a user may take some time to get a hold of things as compared to similar platforms like Wix. But once you understand the mechanism, everything is a cakewalk.

Ease of use is just not limited to the big desktop and laptop screens, but WP extends its scalability to the portable handheld devices- The smartphone!

You, as a business owner, should care about your photography mobile website and experience that a user gets while browsing via the mobile. WordPress takes care of it and furnishes mobile-friendly websites.

SEO and Your Website

The search engine optimization technique works flawlessly with WordPress websites. Here’s why!! WordPress offers flexibility for Image SEO strategy by letting you embed alt tags and adding relevant and unique image names with keyword integration. 

The search engine won’t be able to understand the images if they lack alt texts, relevant titles. The road to a higher ranking is in using relevant keywords tactically. Availability of SEO plugins like Yoast SEO has made it possible to gain the edge over your rivals for every page and posts specifically.  

The website loading speed is determined by the choices you made during the creation of your website. A website’s loading speed plays a vital role in user experience and overall ranking in the Google search results. Factors like web hosting server, browsing cache plugins, image optimization decides the loading time of a website. If these factors do not work in harmony, users can abandon the site and may switch over to another site for the services.

Submission of XML sitemap to Google and other search engines helps in the recognition of your website structure and indexing of the website effectively. This step improves website ranking, as well.

Diverse Global Network

WordPress has the largest global community (over 75 million users). The users are the designers and developers who design and develop various tools and resources to augment the website’s performance.

In any case, if you face any technical or generic problem, you can get your issue resolved via the WP forums. There is a large community working and helping selflessly to resolve any technical snag in WP.

Multilingual Site Option

If you deal with clients from the global diaspora, so make sure that language should not hinder the business collaborations with global clients.

Your website should easily translate into the visitor’s language. WordPress makes this process easy as there are plugins that offer the flexibility to translate your website’s content to get translated into any language. 

Moreover, some plugins offer an extra edge, and you get an option to add local dialects to give a bespoke experience to the user.

Do you want to know what the cherry on the cake is? You can create a multisite on WordPress and run a distinct website for each language. 

Free Shop Integration

Do you aspire to sell your artwork prints, presets, photography mentorship classes, Wordshop bootcamps, portfolios, or any other product or services? Add the WooCommerce plugin and transform your website into a hybrid selling machine. 

Final Thoughts

One decision can impact the future outcome of your business. Start your endeavor with a strong foundation and use WordPress for your photography business website. You are aware of the feature, flexibility, scalability it offers. Transform your website into a powerful marketing tool and stand tall amongst your rivals. Keeps your basics right and follow the steps to get your dream website.

What type of Photography website features do you expect from WordPress? Comment under the comments sections and lets us know! Happy reading, fellas.

Jason Daszkewicz is an IT enthusiast with 5+ years of experience in developing WordPress websites. Currently, he is associated with WordSuccor – WordPress development firm. He loves to keep abreast of the latest technologies and tools in the corporate market and believes in sharing knowledge gained through experience. Follow him on Facebook or Twitter.