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Understanding Blockchain and its impacts on the world



Understanding Blockchain and its impacts on the world

Blockchain has really revolutionized how several tasks are executed. It is reliable and very secure when used in transactions. Blockchain relies on anything of value such as identities, loans, and titles that records information from one peer network to the other.

The current state of affairs

It is very evident that the blockchain technology is taking the world of business various fast. Currently, 94 among the best 100 Projects are based on Ethereum. The development interests of Ethereum are rising each and every day. Most token and cryptocurrencies are built on the Ethereum procedure. This just confirms how blockchain and cryptocurrency are having a significant impact on the world of business.

The Blockchain Project Composition

This project relies on the blockchain technology. Companies and group of developers are trying earnestly to come up with projects that reveal what blockchain is able to achieve. These countless projects are placed into different categories such as:


Projects in these categories are meant to come up with enhanced currencies. The currencies are expected to represent the unit of account, mode of exchange and store value. One of the most common projects under this category is Bitcoin.

Developer tools

This category has projects meant to bring ease in creation of decentralized applications. Users will be able to foster interactions with protocols via application interfaces. First, scalable infrastructure needs to improve.


Fintech projects are determined to create a standard platform where different cryptocurrencies can be exchanged. The platform is expected to facilitate lending, trade different currencies and accept investment. These projects have started taking effect.


Projects listed in this category aim at convincing users into trusting economics and cryptography incentives. Here users are not to be forced into trusting a certain organization or individual. Users are given free will.

Value Exchange

Users have a right to get value for their money. Projects here tend to get rid of middlemen and minimize costs incurred during the exchange of products. This will definitely save business persons from incurring a lot of costs.

Shared Data

These projects will have a similarity to Global Distribution Systems. Blockchain projects in this category are to get rid of travel agents. Instead, come up with enhanced systems users can easily transact on.


Projects here rely on digital assets that can represent data or real-world goods. Users can now have confidence in the data given to them. Data will remain accessible and available in the future to come.

Four Reliable Blockchain Projects:


Robonomics have had a significant impact on the world’s economy. Robonomics creates cooperation among autonomous robots to come up with great economic decisions free from human intervention. Services are distributed, provided and controlled by cyber-physical technology.


Cyclebit is focused on curbing any losses that accrue from the fluctuation of digital currencies. It has established an app for both Android and iOS that facilitates crypto transactions. More people are going to have trust in crypto transactions.


IOTW is known for facilitating instant transactions and micro-mining on every connected device. It has been able to bring blockchain into business and household industry. No need for additional hardware.


This provides a legit and reliable platform for asset and personal wealth management. It uses both artificial intelligence and blockchain to facilitate digital assets transfer, inheritance organization, and legacy planning. Most importantly, this technology does not hold personal data.

The Future of Blockchain

No doubt the Blockchain is set to bring a positive impact to the way various tasks are executed. It is high time everyone learned about what it entails just to be on the safe side when blockchain takes full effect. Blockchain technology is the next big thing.