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United Holds Looks to Transform Housing through 3-D Printing



3-D printing technology is radically changing the world as we know it, speeding up multiple sectors with limitless applications. There has been an increase in large-scale 3-D printers in the construction industry, cutting costs and build times significantly. United Holds is one of those companies that has taken construction into the future by using 3-D printing in the home construction industry. 

United Holds is an American construction company based in Minnesota. Its mission is to change the future of home building and provide more people with shelter using advanced 3-D printing tools to create high-quality structures for anyone, no matter what background or capacity. The company’s values mesh with the importance of technology and comfort, using the latest that the best printing technologies have to offer to create new opportunities for many who struggle with homelessness in the cold and bitter climates of the nation’s Northern regions. 

“We’re here in Minnesota to work towards putting a roof over struggling communities facing the harsh cold winter,” shares company founder Najib Moalin. “Instead of a tent, what I’m looking to do is change how we look at homes in America forever.” A visionary with a passion for helping others, Najib puts his entrepreneurial capacities to good use. He takes a more socially responsible business approach and focuses on solutions that can help alleviate some of the most common societal problems in the United States. Moalin has always had a passion for architecture and entrepreneurship. He looks up to Jeff Bezos’s likes and hopes to become a business mogul that transforms an industry, and consequently, the world.

Homelessness has been on the rise, especially with lockdowns and the economic recession crippling many families in a financial sense. The number of evictions has dramatically increased since the COVID-19 pandemic ravaged the world. Najib offers a sustainable and profitable solution— applying 3-D printing technologies into housing and construction. 

United Holds is born out of a vision that looks towards the long term. Najib declares that 3-D printing will soon become one of the main ways developers create homes and commercial edifices. Despite the company’s ingenuity, there has been a fair share of challenges for United Holds. The concept of 3-D printed houses isn’t as popular as it should be, but the company has stood through all obstacles.

Today’s real estate industry continues to skyrocket in valuation and popularity. Apart from being one of the human race’s basic needs, homes are still one of the most reliable investments. Even when markets crash, the real estate industry continues to flourish. While most home development companies have their sights set on the next three to five years, Najib Moalin has his eyes set on the decades to come. He believes that 3-D printing is the ultimate solution to homelessness in America and beyond. United Holds continues to study the various applications that 3-D printing has on home construction. Currently, the company is studying the feasibility of completing one whole home within a week, more than ten times faster than traditional construction.

Najib Moalin and United Holds hope to change the way developers view construction and provide a significant uptick in the home development industry in the United States and other countries in the future. 

To learn more about United Holds, visit their Instagram account and website.


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