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Use VoIP business Hot Desking feature to your advantage



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Hot desking is the ability to log into any phone on your desktop, computer and upload your user profile and settings on to that device. An IP phone gets the processing power and pushed information from the PBX system. Due to this, you can go to any endpoint and login that particularly tells your phone to push your profile to that device. With hot desking, your extension becomes whatever IP phone systems you are logged into currently.

Hot desking can help you in accommodating your office space effectively. ‘Hoteling’ is another concept, which is the practical application of hot desk. Hoteling has become popular in the corporate world. Hoteling allows employees to travel to the most convenient office space and to work desk which they like at any time. With hoteling, the employees would set up the computer and log in to the desk phone at that workspace. All the messages and calls would be then sent to that IP phone.

Advantages of Hot Desking

The great advantage of using hot desking is that it provides an increased level of communication and enhanced professional relationships. Working and sitting with different people daily enables employees’ build relations across the wider business which gives them the chance to understand different people’s skill sets and responsibilities.

Through better communication with other departments and teams, the collaboration on future ventures becomes easier and allows employees to be more productive in their roles.

Similarly, Hot desking is great for learning new skills. If there is an area of the business which you would like to learn more about them by working along with an expert in that arena is one of the best ways to gather all the needed information.

How can you use hot desk effectively?

Bypassing the problems which can damage a hot desk plan needs taking some primary steps. Further, in this article, we are going to recommend a few steps which you should take in order to hot desk effectively.

  • Choose a desk phone system which supports hot desking. It is not enough for you to have a phone system which just supports a hot desk. Also, you need a desk phone system which can deliver a host of features that also support for hot desking such as auto attendance, call queues or find me\follow me and interactive voice response (IVR).
  • Find easy setup IT Solutions. Finding hardware like laptops, computers, keyboards, monitor, IP phone, or docking station etc. which complement and be consistent with each other is important. This way you can decrease issues with hardware compatibility and it also lessens the time which it might take for your employees to log in and get to work.
  • Get your team on board. Further, hot desking can be a big change for your workforce. there is going to be a few disruptions to their lives even if the shift is smooth. One of the best ways to make it easy for your employees and to avoid any decrease in productivity is to ensure that everyone is on the same page. You can help your team in understanding the benefits of hot desking and why it is necessary along with policies that you are going to implement to ensure that the change is beneficial. You will also need to free up some resources to answer your employees’ queries and fix any technical problems that may come up.
  • Implement policies which help make the transition smoother for employees. Having the right policies in place can establish an environment and standard that is hot desk friendly. Some practices that you have to consider include:

Clean work-desk policy. This kind of policy might raise a few objections since employees like personalizing their workstation. However, if they are sharing a work station then that is no longer a choice not without invading someone else’s workstation. You should encourage workers to bring items for personalizing their workspace but also keeping it portable and small. It could be a desk calendar or single picture or something of that sort. Anything which is easy to set up or take down would work. other than that, you can provide your employees with lockers, so they can store their personal items until the next working day.

Personal headphone policy. Continuously shifting a workstation can lead to taking a spot where there is a lot of talk or traffic. You must make sure that your team is ready by asking them to carry a pair of headphones to work. You should encourage your employees to use their own headphones by creating policies which restrict playing podcasts or music out loud.

Hygiene and workplace health policy. You must remove all the health concerns by urging your employees to practice basic hygiene. You need to post signs which demand your employees to wash their hands with soap and water. You have to provide them with sanitizing wipes, so they can clean their work desk by wiping it down after the shift is over along with a hand sanitizer around the office.

Priority equipment replacement policy. With sharing a work station. A phone or monitor which goes out would not just hold back one employee but a lot of them. You have to ensure that replacing any damaged equipment is a serious priority. You must consider the fact that ordering and shipping new IP phone system equipment can take up to 2 days. One way that you can avoid this from happening is by keeping a replacement on hand. So that you can substitute the old faulty equipment with a new one easily.

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