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Using Technology to Improve Workplace Culture and Employee Performance



Using Technology to Improve Workplace Culture and Employee Performance

When it comes to improving your workplace culture as well as your employee performance, there are a few different approaches that you can take. Using technology to improve performance has been a popular way to reduce the workload. However, working back from that premise doesn’t really narrow down your options. To help you out, we have put together the best ways that you can use technology to improve how well your business performs. You can use this article to guide you in your decision-making process—and once your business process has been optimized, you can thank us later.

Avoid having too many different platforms

One of the worst things that you can do with tech is to offer too many options. Of course, you are going to want to make sure that your employees have everything that they need. But offering a lot of different tools with fragments of functional features is not the solution. Not only can this lead to confusion, but it can also mean that they actually feel frustrated rather than motivated due to having to look for information on different platforms.

Take the time to think about which platforms are going to work best for your employees and how you can integrate them. A popular option is to use a 360-degree employee engagement platform, these are designed to offer everything that an employee will need available in mobile and desktop formats too.

Offer perks through your tech

Employee perks are becoming hugely popular for many businesses. The main reason for this is because it rewards your employees simply for working with you. It makes them feel valued and that they have received a treat, which will improve the workplace morale and of course how your employees perform too.

It can be hard to know exactly how to approach perks for your employees, however, this is where tech can help you out. Tech will allow you to poll your employees and decide which options are the most popular across the entire workforce.

Make collaborative working a priority

Working together as a team is one of the most important requirements for achieving employee satisfaction across the board. Collaborative working not only makes every single job easier to do, but it also can mean that key tasks take less time too. Another benefit of collaborative working is that it means that best practices and knowledge is shared, which can lead to employees who know so much more about the business as a whole.

Collaborative working is so much easier with technology because it allows staff to communicate easier, to work together on projects with real-time updates, and of course it allows the team to deliver projects where the whole of the outcome is better than the parts of the individual income.

Offer training online or through an app

When it comes to employee growth and development, training is key. However, not everyone is a big fan of attending training, especially if it takes time out of your employees’ busy days. As a result of recent technological inventions, training isn’t limited to an in-person classroom setting, although this approach isn’t without benefits. But E-learning and learning through apps are becoming much more popular of late, especially in a workplace setting.

The reason for this has to be because it allows employees to access the training that they think is required for their job role, as and when they need to. They can study all in one session or they can break it down, which means that they are not only able to study at their own pace, but they can still make sure that they focus on their everyday tasks too.

Provide wellbeing apps to access

One important thing for businesses to do is to make sure that they take care of their employee’s wellbeing both in and out of the office. A way that you can do this is to provide wellbeing apps that they can access, often through one employee engagement platform. There are so many different wellbeing apps out there that can provide a huge amount of value to your employees.


There are lots of different apps out there, so if you are not sure which one is going to work best to improve morale and performance within the office, then why not speak to your employees? Ask them what are some of the issues that cause frustration and inefficiencies and work backward from the problem. Once you have this information you can put together a collection that is going to provide the most value to your employees and ensure that they feel that you are doing your best to take care of them in and out of the workplace. As a result and by delivering utility to your employees, using technology can improve not only employee performance but also employee satisfaction and workplace culture.

Liam Smith is a young and aspiring Australian blogger with a passion for everything related to home and business. He has a B.Sc. in Interior design and is an avid reader.