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Veger Introduced Magmulti – A Magnetic Duo Wireless Power Bank for all your Apple Devices



There are very less options for the Apple users when it comes to find the reliable and powerful power bank. Most of the power banks available on the market are for Android user and those available for Apple aren’t effective. But don’t you worry! That doesn’t mean you need to change your device. We have a great news for all the Apple users.

Recently, Veger release a brand new product, Magmulti, a Magnetic Duo Wireless Power bank for iPhone. As said earlier, the power bank is designed to charge the multiple Apple devices at the same time. So you don’t need multiple cables and adapters especially while you are travelling. Veger has been known for innovation and research in the field of power bank. With the dozens of power banks, they are truly leading the market.

MagMulti is 3 in one magnetic wireless power bank available to charge all the Apple portable devices including iPhone, Macbook, Airpods, iWatch and more. Apart from the Apple, the power bank is capable enough to charge the Android devices too. The wireless charging makes it highly recommended when we are out. Now we can simply carry one cable to charge your power bank. No need to carry cables for your any other devices.

One of the key feature of the Magmultie, a foldable Apple Watch charger. The foldable charger has built-in magnetic module. You can open it and attached the back of your watch to start the charging process. It is fully adjustable charge that you can clip in or out as per your requirement.

The Veger power bank is fully compatible with all the devices on the market having USB A or Type-C outputs such as Smartphone and Smart watches. With 10000mAh battery and 20W Pd lightening fast charging port, the Magmulti will truly save your time when you are running less of power.

The Magnetic duo wireless power bank comes with some cool safety features too. No need to worry about overheating, overcharging, short circuit or over current situation. The power bank is fully capable to handle all these on its own. So why are you waiting for? Go and get your Magmulti power bank from Veger’s official website now!

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