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How VPS Hosting Boosts Your Website Page Load Speed?



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VPS hosting boosts your website – The website’s speed could be one of the essential aspects in deciding whether to migrate to VPS hosting. A VPS typically offers faster website page speeds, ideal for user experience (UX) and search engine optimization (SEO).

As a result, your site becomes more well-liked and popular among users, attracting more clients and helping your business grow. Given that shared hosting is more affordable and offers more features than a VPS, the latter’s advantages typically compensate for the price difference.

With particular memory, disc space, and CPU cores allotted to a single tenant and hosted on a single parent server, virtual private server hosting (VPS hosting) is a virtualized hosting solution.

Due to its tendency to be less expensive than dedicated hosting while still offering superior performance, security, and dependability than shared hosting, VPS hosting has grown in popularity.

Today, we’ll discuss how website page load speed affects your site credibility and how VPS hosting boosts your website performance.

Why is Website Page Load Speed Important to Consider? 

The time it takes for a website to fully load after receiving a request is called the website loading speed. As you may expect, a website will sustain more visitors the quicker it can load. The pace and advancement of technology have raised user expectations as well.

According to surveys, most users only visit a website if it takes less time to load. Hence, it is crucial for your company that your website loads quickly. This will assist your visitors in engaging with your content while ensuring a pleasant user experience.

Additionally, this will eventually help you in increasing purchases from your customers. 37% of users will leave your site if it takes longer than five seconds to open.

The longer a page takes to load, the more likely customers will leave the website and look for one that loads faster.

Statistics on Website Speed & User Experience  

Many studies on page load time have shown that slow websites reduce user experience, resulting in revenue losses. This shows the significance of managed Tehran VPS in upgrading your website page load speed. Have a peek at the collection of case studies below.

  • 47% of consumers, according to surveys by Akamai and, wait up to two seconds for a web page to load. They switch to another website if it doesn’t load in three seconds.
  • AOL’s analysis indicates that a page’s load time can affect a visitor’s number of page views by up to 50%.
  • According to another study, 79% of online buyers encountering website performance issues are less likely to return and make another purchase, and 44% would recommend the website to a friend.

How Does Web Hosting Affect Website Page Load Speed? 

If you have followed best practices to speed up pages above the norm, but there hasn’t been much difference, you should check with your web hosting.

The web hosting company and technology you select can significantly impact how quickly your pages load. To render a single web page, a website must execute hundreds of lines of code, reply to countless requests, and execute numerous database queries.

Moreover, these operations must be carried out on your website’s web server. Your web page will load more rapidly if your web server is decisive.

For instance, consider your website a car you can personalize by giving it a new exterior (graphics, design, front-end layout, etc.) and interior (code optimization) to make it seem fantastic.

But, if the hosting environment’s underlying engine isn’t strong, your website might not perform to its full potential. In a nutshell, the kind, provider, and hosting plan you select significantly impact the speed of your website.

How VPS Hosting Boosts your Website Speed? 

The configuration of the virtual private server (VPS) and the website’s layout are crucial factors that influence how quickly a website loads.

This hosting service can significantly increase the speed at which your website loads due to the nature of VPS servers. For instance, if the web host offering the service has quick-responding web servers.

By their very nature, Iranian VPS hosting solutions provide fewer user accounts per server. A specific amount of resources, such as CPU time, memory, disc space, and bandwidth, are promised to each of them.

This guarantees that your website will always have access to enough server power and simple resource scalability. In addition, accounts run on VPS servers in segregated settings. According to this, anything that occurs to other users will not impact other individuals on the same physical server.

Comparison of Website Speed between VPS & Shared Hosting 

VPSs offer better circumstances for a website to load faster than shared hosting does. Thus, VPS hosting boosts your website page load speed by providing unlimited resources with optimal reliability.

But first, let’s look at why a VPS is far more likely to provide your website with a good page load time. Other necessary conditions must be satisfied; a VPS cannot ensure it independently.

The allocation of resources on a VPS is the cause of this. Since multiple customers’ VPSs exist on the same parent server, VPS and shared hosting are comparable.

Contrary to shared hosting, VPS hosting in Iran, working as a separate machine, gives resources that are not shared. Therefore, its activities stay unaffected by those of other VPSs. While using shared hosting, the offending website can experience sluggishness or even crashes, as well as other service users.

As a result, until one of the websites on the server experiences traffic spikes, shared hosting and VPS might function more or less similar in terms of page load speed.

Additionally, less SEO, fewer clients, lower sales, and decreased success could be the results of this, as were the adverse effects previously mentioned.

Final Note

Fast page speed is essential for SEO and keeps website visitors satisfied. Users will likely quit your website rather than wait for the material to load if it takes too long.

That can be a catastrophe if you manage a commercial website like an online store. Thus, the success of your website depends on how quickly pages load because this influences customer content, the website’s SEO optimization, and, ultimately, its popularity.

Renting a VPS is an effective strategy for investing in it because it may have tremendous returns. If this article persuades you to do so, then check out the plans offered by Navicosoft to pick the best VPS hosting Iran option for your company.