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Web Accessibility and its Effect to Search Engine Optimization



Web Accessibility and its Effect to Search Engine Optimization

Web accessibility had always been found on the margins of web development tactics. However, there are potential causes as to why it should be included as a priority. Evidently, accessibility will positively influence your sales.

Accessibility should be a priority

Some web developers tend to keep accessibility as an afterthought. The latest update of WordPress 5.0 has thrown light on the concern of accessibility. There have been instances where web accessibility was treated as a plugin and denied acceptance into the core of WordPress.

In the recent event, a member of the SEO community shared his outrageous concern for the same. Following which attempts have been made to rectify the mistakes. If you want more reasons to convince yourself for the inclusion of accessibility, then read through.

Reasons to shift attention to accessibility

There are seven major reasons to do the same. Have a look at these and ask yourself if you had really missed out on such great opportunity.

  1. Web accessibility can extensively improve SEO strategies.
  2. It is to consider for all those who work under the canopy of both digital marketing and web development as well.
  3. Individuals with some disabilities area too potential client. In fact, accessibility is their civic right.
  4. You can broaden your niche by including a feature that your competitors have overlooked. Also, popular web engines such as Google give more preference to sites that have accessibility.
  5. Gaining more organic traffic is imperative.
  6. Consequently, your sales rate will increase.
  7. Lastly, the bounce rate will be lower.

What does the SEO heads have to say regarding accessibility?

Four prominent SEO members have been approached and asked for their reviews regarding the same. All four of them unanimously agreed to the fact that accessibility is already an integral part of their SEO strategy.

Not just that, they were also trying to incorporate more accessibility features for flawless navigation. They even highlighted, not having accessibility might lead a company to legal procedures. As not having accessibility is violating the Disability act.

Secrets of Success

As marketers, you are probably aware the of the additional 1% rate of conversion to lower the bounce rate and to get 1kb from an image to make it the perfect size. The secret is that even the smallest bit counts too. Therefore, why is accessibility not taken into consideration by web developers?

Have a look at the benefits to know the secrets of getting success online.

  • You can make the most use of alt text to rank your website in the higher order.
  • The lower rate of bouncing out of your site.
  • Greater chance of sales.
  • Your site gains more momentum and thus becomes more powerful.

Online marketing has certain sets of rules and requires some specific strategies. If you fail to adhere to the given policies, you are on the losing side. Accessibility is not just some moral ethics; it more of a money-making scheme. Hence, if you want to flourish your business from all aspects and also feel proud of your decisions, this is your secret ingredient.

Some overlapping SEO tactics and Accessibility practices

In this section, you will learn about the overlapping practices that include both SEO and accessibility. Take a quick tour of this set of information.


Accessible websites must contain some of the practices such as to put a logo towards the top left; the text should be left aligned, prompt loading period, and quick response time on smaller screens. This is how you can have a high-quality UX on your website. UX designs aim primarily at the convenience of the users. A prompt loading time helps the user to read content even without 4G internet speed.

Similarly, Google has made its obligation for every website to include UX designs. Here it comes under the part of SEO. This is how these two practices overlap with each other. Legible texts will help visually challenged individuals to access the content easily. On the other hand, having a great UX (User Experience) is one of the ranking factors that every SEO has to work about. Thus, you can say that if you have focused on this aspect of SEO, you surely have one of the accessibility points counted in.


The title is definitely an important part of the content. Title tags are thus a definite part of SEO. However, there are two places where title tags are found. First on the tab of any search engine and secondly on the SERP page.

In terms of accessibility, titles are helpful for readers who use a screen reader to comprehend the content of various pages. Hence, it is imperative that titles are accurate, relevant and must precisely convey the content of the article when they opt for reading it via a screen reader. Remember if you don’t keep it exact and transparent the people with disabilities might face difficulties.

From the SEO perspective, SEO will definitely include a catchy, innovative and attractive title in all of their content. The title tag of your write-up hints at the display tag in the result page. In fact, a title is the first thing that users read and they decide whether or not stay on that page. A brief analysis of the above cases indicates that how the same work is done with two different mindsets. In short in both the cases, specificity of a title is the leading criteria than a general overview.

Wrapping up

For instance, analyze this situation. Let’s say you want to write about SEO strategies, and you keep a headline or title as “secrets that you must know.” Any reader who reads the title will not be able to detect what’s the content is all about. Think about those who are dependent on transcriptions to access content. Hence, as part of both SEO and accessibility tactic, you must keep the title as “the secrets of SEO marketing strategies.” In the first place, the title was abstract. However, the latter objected specifically.

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