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Everything You Need To Know About Single-page Design



Everything You Need To Know About Single-page Design

Single-page designs are an excellent option if you want to create websites with less content. Currently, it is a very popular option and many companies resort to this type of design. If the website you are creating is suitable for this type of design, you should consider it as it has many benefits, which we will talk about in this article. We will also indicate in which situations it is appropriate to use this type of web design as well as other tips if you are thinking of single-page design as the solution for your site:

Benefits of single-page design

This type of design has an occasion and is not ideal for every web project. However, if it is the perfect option for you several benefits are associated with this type of design. We mention some below:

Its use is intuitive

Since all content is on a single page, the user knows that all they have to do is scroll down. Sometimes, certain pages often add arrows or other “clues”, but more than indicators are elements that are used to highlight or guide visual reading. That is, the user already knows the behavior of these pages and if he does not know them, it is quite simple to use them and begin to navigate intuitively.

Although the layout is a single page, remember to include a navigation menu, particularly if your site has a large volume of content. It is always good to tell the user in which section you are and give you the option to go directly to the section that interests you most.

You are forced to simplify

Since you only have one page where you can add content, you should make sure you include only the most essential content. In this way, you reduce everything to its most essential components. This feature of your site allows your users to reach the most essential and useful information of your site without major problems since basically, all the content goes straight to the point.

It is fast to create

A website development company will finish a single-page website much faster than a website with many pages due to the volume of content. Because you simplify much of your content (and often design), at the resource level it is a site that is lightweight and therefore faster.

Not only is the site fast, but the design process is streamlined because the main design components are simplified. Although, a lot depends on the type of project and the experience you have designing. Top web developers will take care of this type of project without hassle.

They are conducive to telling stories

The single-page design is ideal for storytelling since there is a certain sense of continuity. Even in certain places, horizontal navigation is implemented to more closely resemble the way you read a book, almost as if you were reading a complete visual story. As you should know, telling stories is a great way to connect with your target audience and improve the user experience.

It’s easy to organize the content

It is much easier to organize the content of your site because even the navigation menu is simplified. Usually, the number of sections is also minimal, so your navigation menu does not contain any submenu. In this way, it is much easier to organize your navigation menu and does not even take up much space in your design.

Is parallax scrolling a necessity in this type of design?

The parallax scrolling is a resource that is usually used in designing a single page. However, this does not mean that it is a requirement for these types of sites. Like many other web development trends, parallax scrolling has a purpose and occasion and in certain single page designs it is the ideal resource to add animations or tell stories as in other single-page designs, it will not be conducive. The real question is whether the parallax effect will improve the user experience and usability of the website. If you apply the parallax effect just because it is fashionable, it could affect the usability of your site. After all, parallax scrolling should be something that adds value to your site and not something you add simply because it does.

Think carefully about the purpose of your site, check other sites that have successfully added the parallax effect as a study.

When is it appropriate to use the single page design?

While single page design has its advantages, they are not the perfect solution for all websites. There are auspicious occasions where using this type of design will improve your user experience, but for other types of sites, it is simply not suitable.

If your site itself has few sections, maybe you can simplify it even more and create a one-page site that looks modern and is easier for the user to read. An example of this type of page is the site of an application. Usually, these sites do not have a lot of information because it is not necessary.

The single-page design is suitable for sites that do not have a large volume of information. An online store could not have this design, especially if there are different categories. But if it is a specialized store where the catalog consists of few products (a dozen maximum), then this type of design could be possible if modal windows are used for product details and the purchase process.

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