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How to Use Your Website to Make a Lasting Impression on Your Customers?



How to Use Your Website to Make a Lasting Impression on Your Customers?

Scientifically “Psychological Present” or better known as “Experienced Moment” is a window of about 3 seconds — everything else is either past or future.

This 3-second window if utilized can actually be turned into an eternity of loyal clients. Wondering How?

Grab attention and create an impression!

Na! Na! Na! It isn’t so simple; you had to ensure it to be nothing less than an everlasting impression on your customer.

Which brings us to our next question and title of this whole blog “How to Use Your Website to Make a Lasting Impression on Your Customers?

Through various experiments on consumer behavior and understanding their correlation with different features of the website, experts were able to outline the framework of success for a website. Without any further ado let’s dwell deeper into it-

Without any doubt, the concept of adding branding to your company portfolio will generate an incredible chance to advance both your profits and your fundamental knowledge and understanding of customers.

But this branding can be a 2 edged sword and rather cut you deeper and make you bleed your existing customer base as well.

The need is to ask a few questions– Have you looked at your brand well lately? Are you being as effective as you can be in reaching your audience and generating new business? What should and what shouldn’t be opted in the strategy?


Definite No-No’s:

  • Long Waits:

Loading speed is among the top factors to decide the ranking.

Thus one should leverage SEO tools and WordPress plugins to improve the website’s loading speed because if it takes more than 3 seconds to load, it won’t hold attention … especially a mobile user.

Using a speed tracker to see how quickly your website is responding is a great way to keep an eye in case of fallout and knock off long waits.

  • Presence Of Bugs:

Be it your home or your website, bugs are a big NO, it will only cause damage to the overall efficiency.

A website designer or web developer should continually update their websites according to consumer reviews because there will always be bugs, broken links, and multiple errors that could obstruct the website at the first attempt.

Read the reviews from the people visiting your website, and be sure to visit your website as a third party so that you can connect with it as a user might.

  • Loud Design Choices

You want to stop instant pop-ups, interstitials, or videos running automatically because they can be offensive and repulsive to the user. Such issues will scare visitors to the website because the information they did not ask for is targeting them.


Tips that are definitely your wingman

  • The Essence Of The Brand

Brand identity is one of the most critical reasons for successful companies. Customers are more likely to recall a particular brand voice that made them laugh or had a personal impact on them than one which melded in with the vast abundance of advertising on the internet or on Television.

The most crucial thing you would do would be to decide who your intended audience is really, and what they want to see from a trusted brand. Young people enjoy social media so you can make the brand voice of your company more friendly and straightforward, and keep up with current trends.

  • Let The Key Details Stand Out

What visitors to your website do is search web pages really quickly. We do it in a kind of F type according to an eye-tracking test. Furthermore, consumers spend 69 percent of their time reading the material on the left side of the screen on a web page.

You can show some details appropriately so that they don’t forget it, for instance, the name of your business or your hero CTA.

  • Photos:

Using images of high quality only photographs on the website should be of reasonable quality, without watermarks, and then you should definitely have the authority to use them.

  • Typography:

Using fonts, font sizes, and font colours that are easy to read and the need for the characters are of extreme importance.

Fonts will match your identity as a brand. The scale and colour of the displays should be noticeable and calibrated for the various screen sizes. Always, make sure the font you picked will have all the characters you need.

  • Customization

Customers want to feel unique and different, and being able to tailor your services is essential to connecting and creating a customer connection. For example, you can personalize your email marketing through services like MailChimp, which allows you to send newsletters to large numbers of individuals.

Where appropriate, these emails should be addressed to the user and you should seek to tailor your emails to the interests of the client, such as encouraging them to sign up to a newsletter that matches their needs.

  • Build Confidence

A first time user would like to learn that the website they visit is genuine. It is important to attach elements of confidence to your website that will show that other visitors or clients have had good experiences with your company. Using feedback or testimonials from your customers to ensure your visitor knows they can trust your company.

  • Convey It Significance 

You’ve found your guests one way or another, and it’s most likely by looking for anything they need online. Build insightful and engaging content that complements what your company is about. You want your tourists to find what they need, find their website, and feel they have found the perfect match!

  • Share Your Morals And Value

When guests feel that your company is important to them in any way, they will linger. Share elements of value over your company. A few good examples of value elements would be any offers or promotions that may be running your company, thought-provoking facts on what your company can do, or special certifications or awards that your business has earned.



The above measures will help you achieve a brand identity level that helps you to resonate more with your audience and create a positive impression of the brand.

When establishing a brand, developing partnerships and creating a lot of speech, have fun with the process and collaborate with all stakeholders — to build a seamless brand experience, everybody in your company or your customer must be on the same page! Teamwork as they say makes the dream work.

Rock David is working as the Digital Marketing Manager at the leading Web Design Toronto Company, Kinex Media. He has 10+ years of experience in the field and curious to share his knowledge with others.