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The UI/UX Web Design Trends Defining Current And Future Development



The UI/UX Web Design Trends Defining Current And Future Development

Web design and app design never exist in a stagnant state. The top app development and web design companies are always on hand, ready to assist their clientele who are looking to learn more. When it comes to user interface design and user experience design, there is a wide range of trends that are all the rage. But how can the clients of top app development companies make the right decisions?

It is easy to get swept away by current trends and much harder to discern which ones are right for the company in question. A client must strike the perfect balance between mingling with the current trends and making wise decisions that will set them up for a more prosperous future.

Fortunately, this guide is on hand to help clients make sense of it all. Before contacting the top app development companies and UI/UX web design firms, be sure to take a closer look at the trends that are at the focus on every conversation of this nature.


Increased Amounts of Animation

As the consumer’s attention becomes harder and harder to come by, more and more web designers/app developers are relying on increased amounts of animation. The days of being able to use stock images to lure the target audience are long gone. With animated images, the eye is naturally drawn towards the site and/or app.

That’s what it’s all about. Getting people to actually look in the direction of the site or app is half the battle. With eye-catching imagery, the part of the job is already taken care of. This is especially true now that more and more of the top app development companies are taking a mobile-first approach during project cycles.


Writing With The User Experience In Mind

UX design is about more than just luring the target audience with pretty pictures. The site or app’s copy must be written with the user experience already in mind. All of the best web and app design takes place with some sort of plan in mind for the text. Even the top companies engage in this sort of messaging. Writing with the UX in mind is only going to grow in importance.

Is the copy allowing the site’s visitors to become more familiar with the goods and services that are being provided? If the answer is yes, this is a great sign. If the answer is no, this means that the client will need to take the time to make sure that they are writing with the user experience in mind.


Varying Fonts

The top app development companies and UI/UX web designers are now steering their clients away from fonts that are too similar. While sites and app would typically on similar fonts in the past, there is nothing wrong with switching it up from page to page. There should always be a default master style, though. This gives the fonts that are chosen a far greater sense of cohesiveness that appeals to the browser.

Variable fonts offer clients a level of flexibility that allows them to tap into their inner creativity. Instead of being forced into a font style that does not express their true level of pizzazz and panache, clients now have the chance to get a bit more funky. As long as the user experience and user interface are not being compromised, of course!


Brutalism Gaining In Popularity

This is not to be confused with minimalism. Thanks to the rise of brutalism, site and app designers can now make their designs look a bit different. They are not forced into certain images and typography that does not fit their actual message. This is a trend that has yet to go fully mainstream, giving the top app development companies and web designers the chance to enjoy a more individualized design.

Brutalism tends to be far more stark and bold. That means everything in the current climate. The user that happens to stumble into one of these designs is far more likely to take a second look. Depending on the type of content that is being created, brutalist designs come with a certain sense of charm. Knowing when to choose designs of this nature is very important to app and web development clients.


Single Page Designs Are Back and Here To Stay

Top app development companies and web design firms once stayed away from single-page designs. They were believed to be totally obsolete at one point in time. There are some companies that are still adhering to this principle. However, anyone who pays attention to the fashion world knows that everything will come back into style again. Single page designs for websites and apps are certainly no different.

Single page designs are now being crafted with greater levels of immersion in mind. This is how users stay engaged over the short term and the long haul. Mobile devices benefit immensely from a single page design. The user is able to get to everything that they wish to see far more easily and menus are far more readily accessible than ever before. This is not a user pattern that should ever be ignored.

These are the trends that are currently defining the development of web sites and apps, from a user interface/user experience standpoint. Companies that are looking to remain ahead of the curve will want to make sure that they are taking all of the necessary steps. Otherwise, they will be left behind by the more forward thinking businesses who are already one step ahead of the rest.

Elena Randall is a Content Creator who works for Top Software Companies, provides a top 10 list of top software development companies within the world. She is passionate about reading and writing.