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What are the modern lone worker tracking devices bringing to the table



lone worker tracking devices

It is now a must for businesses nowadays to monitor the workers that are working by themselves all alone, to avoid scenarios where there could be a chance of harm to their wellbeing. There are several scenarios where the firm has no other option but to send only one worker to perform the task. In such scenarios it is good for both the employee and the company to keep a monitoring and tracking system so that in the event of danger or emergency, the needed help could be despatched as soon as possible to save the worker from the danger, or from the stressful situation.

The lone worker tracking devices are truly beneficial for these special workers as well as for the businesses that hire them. The devices are there to guarantee the welfare of the employees and also to provide that needed peace of mind to the businessman who otherwise would have no alternative way to know about the situation of the employee who is working alone, far away from the headquarters and from the other employees or colleagues. These tracking devices fit into the body of the employee, so the GPS tracking does not actually track the car alone in which the employee is traveling but actually knows the exact location of the employee himself. This provides the businessman with the chance to manage and protect the worker, and control situations where the employee could find himself in some unmanageable issues or difficulty.

There are several situations where a telephone wiring engineer who is up there on a pole or a construction specialist who is balancing on a high building’s rig won’t be capable to reach out for his smartphone in order to make the needed emergency call. In these situations, the solution is a GPS tracking device that can be fitted into a badge smartphone or uniform. It has the capability to alert the workers’ office for immediate assistance. The legal obligations of safeguarding that an employee is safe and sound while performing their duty rests heavily on the enterprises, regardless of the actual field of work. If a business is sending an employee alone to a remote place for work, it is the business’ responsibility to get that employee back to the headquarters safely. It is their responsibility solely to see that the employee has a protective or tracking device with him so that he can alert the back office if needed and ask for assistance in the event of any dangers.


The lone worker tracking devices are usually small and can be attached to a radio or mobile handset, unique business-specific devices like business cards or badges, so that it is reachable and the panic alarm is at all times within the radius of the worker‘s person. The panic button is the main feature of these devices. These buttons can immediately set off the alarm at the back end or the business headquarters so that help is dispatched to the distress place. If the lone worker is not able to set off the panic alarm then there is the option where the alarm is actually set off automatically to alert the authorities that something could be amiss.

Summarising, we can safely say that if you are a lone worker and no mobile coverage is accessible around you there are certain modern lone worker tracking devices that will definitely be highly beneficial for the lone worker and the company that hired the worker. The devices are there to ensure the welfare of the workers as well as provide that rare peace of mind to the employer.

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