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What is Google Chrome?



Google chrome

What is Google Chrome? 

The Google Chrome name suggests that this is a Google Product. It is usually known as Chrome (Chrome). If you do not know about Google Chrome or want to download Chrome, then this article is going to be very useful to you.

Google provides many services to us which are free of cost, as well as trusted and secure, which we can trust. One such Google service is called Chrome.

What is Google Chrome?

Google Chrome is a web browser that Google has developed. It was first released on September 2, 2008, for Microsoft Windows only. Which was later released for Linux, MacOS, iOS, and Android too. 62% of the Chrome browser in the Worldwide market is occupied. From this, you can guess how popular Google Chrome Browser is and trusted.

Today the Chrome Browser comes pre-installed on every new Android Mobile. So you do not even need to download chrome browser separately. The biggest thing is that it just supports the device.

History of Chrome Browser

Google CEO Eric Schmidt has resisted making himself a browser for 6 years. He said that Google was a very small company at that time, so he did not want to get caught in Browser. But after some time Co-founders Sergey Brin and Larry Page hired Mozilla Firefox developers and started working on the Chrome browser. Seeing the Chrome browser, Google CEO Eric Schmidt also changed his mind and he also said it very well.

Online journals and the U.S. The newspaper said in 2004 that Google is hiring Microsoft’s former Web developer. This case came shortly after the 1.0 release of Mozilla Firefox. At that time Mozilla Firefox was fast becoming popular and was occupying the market of Internet Explorer. Then Microsoft’s Internet Explorer was surrounded by security problems.

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Windows XP was publicly released on September 2, 2008, later officially extracted 43 languages supporting beta version. The publicly stable version released on December 11, 2008. Slowly Chrome Browser was released for all platforms.

Why Use Google Chrome Browser?

Today Google Chrome Browser has become the preferred choice for all people. There are so many reasons for this that we will know by one.

  • Fast
Google Chrome is considered to be the fastest browser in today’s time, which givesMozillaa firefox a bump in terms of speed.
  • Simple
Its design is very simple and it is very easy to run. There is a clean look that does not have trouble understanding the new user.
  • Secure
This browser is at the forefront of security. The Google team says that if we get any bug in the Chrome browser, then Fix it within 24 hours.
  • Safe Browsing
Technology is growing very fast, Malware, Phishing, and Social Engineering attacks are also very much Chrome protects us from these things to a great extent.
  • Protection
In Chrome, you get a high level of protection. So you know about Secure and Unsecure Website.
  • Extension
For Desktop Version you get 15,000+ Chrome Extensions of different types, which makes your work easier.
  • Incognito Mode
When you want to open two accounts at once, you can use Incognito mode. Use Browsing History, Cookies and site data, Info in forms, hide all these things from the browser, then use Incognito mode.