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What is the Best Book Writing Software of 2023



book writing software

Writers of any genre comprising fiction, novel, memoir, or non-fiction writing require software and tools to streamline their writing process and keep thoughts and ideas organized in one place. If you are working on an extensive project, let’s suppose you are required to write a book of 300 pages. In such case, the writing software help writers overcome writer’s block and come up with new ideas. The friendly interface inspires writers to become more creative and work with flow and deep focus. Moreover, the software refines the language and enhances the writing style.

Writers who work in collaboration on multiple projects use software to maximize their output. The writing software offers collaboration tools that allow multiple writers to work on group projects. Bloggers who have a team of writers working on a blog or research article use these writing tools to accomplish their tasks with effectiveness.

For editing and proofreading of the manuscript, the book writing services employ different editing and proofreading software. The editing tools look through the work in depth and identify the errors in syntax and language. They also detect grammatical and spelling errors. The editors come to know about the formatting issues. Writers and editors have easy access to these writing apps and software as they can operate them through multiple platforms, such as desktop, mobile, and web. Consequently, writers can work from anywhere and at any time with flexibility and ease.

If you are looking for the top book-writing apps that assist you with writing a captivating book, you can choose the appropriate tools mentioned below.

The Best Writing and Editing Software for Authors

  • NovelPad

NovelPad is an excellent tool that helps writers to improve their writing process and streamline their workflow. Hiring a book writer to write a novel or fiction can use this writing software to organize their ideas and develop their plot and characters. Moreover, it also assists them in editing their book. The new writing software introduced in 2020 has distinctive features such as plot outlining. A friendly interface helps writers to organize their story arcs and plot. The writers drop plot elements to create a visual representation of the story.

Writers can develop characters by employing NovelPad’s character creation and management tool. Employing the tool enables writers to create a brief outline of the chapters and develop key characters of the story. Consequently, the tool assists in character tracking scene-tracking and evaluating the settings of the novel.

The writing space provides a clean and distraction-free writing space that assists writers to focus on their writing without any distractions. The writing software helps writers to track their daily word count. The writers can set weekly and monthly goals and monitor their progress.

Once writing gets completed, the writers can edit and refine their work. The editing tool helps writers review their grammar and spelling check, sentence structure, and improve writing style and syntax.

  • Scrivener

Creating and organizing large and complex writing projects seems tough for businesses. Therefore, how to write a poetry book that employs different writing tools to effectively work on the extensive writing project. One of the outstanding writing software that helps authors and writers to create and manage large writing projects such as novels, nonfiction books, academic papers, and script writing is Scrivener.

Scrivener can organize complex writing tasks into smaller, more manageable chunks. For instance, if a writer is working on a novel, the software breaks down the book into individual scenes, chapters, or sections, and then reorganizes them as needed. Using Scrivener, writers can create a colorful and striking outline of the chapters. They can create virtual note cards to record their research and creative ideas. Consequently, it helps them to incorporate these ideas into their writing as required.

Writers enjoy working on this software as it provides pre-made writing templates. Writers can choose any template of their choice and can freely work on them. They can create exciting plots and scenes. Consequently, colorful and vibrant templates help boost the creative process of the writers. The other features of Scrivener include Corkboard which visualizes the book’s structure and plot.  The software imports the book into multiple formats, including eBooks, print, PDFs, images, and web pages. Scrivener can set writing goals and track your progress and offer a distraction-free writing mode.

  • Jasper AI

Jasper AI earlier known as Jarvis and is an AI-powered writing software designed to help users generate high-quality content quickly and easily. Using GPT-3 language model and machine learning algorithms, Jasper assists writers with a variety of writing tasks, such as generating content for books or story writing. It helps to create blog posts, articles, social media updates, product descriptions, marketing copy, and AI-generated images.

Another essential feature of Jasper AI is its capacity to create automated high-quality content promptly. The software creates informative content from different resources including Google Docs, WordPress, Facebook, and YouTube. Moreover, the built-in plagiarism checker ensures that the generated content is unique and not copied from other sources. Hence, Jasper AI is a useful tool for writers to generate outstanding and magnificent content quickly.

  • ProWritingAid

It is an outstanding writing and editing aid designed to help writers, novelists, bloggers, students, and business professionals to improve their writing. The exclusive editing feature of Prowriitng Aid comprises a grammar checker, style editor, contextual thesaurus, and writing reports. Using the grammar checker enables writers to identify and correct errors in their writing. It detects words and phrases that are overused in the content. Writers are provided with a recommendation to use simple vocabulary that makes content meaningful and more captivating. Consequently, the software offers real-time feedback, allowing the authors to make changes to refine the tone and style of the content. The friendly interface allows writers to work on long documents.

  • Grammarly

It is an outstanding online writing and editing tool that uses advanced algorithms to help users improve their writing. The software analyzes the text, identifying grammar, spelling, and punctuation errors. The AI-powered tool improves vocabulary and sentence structure. Hence, from grammar and spelling to style and tone, Grammarly enables writers to create eye-catching and impressive manuscripts.

  • Atticus

It is revolutionary writing software that assists writers in writing, formatting, and designing a book.  Using the tool help writers create any document quickly and efficiently. The advanced writing tools of the software enable the authors to manage and organize their documents, design headers, and footers and create custom writing templates. Moreover, writers can import the current document from Google Docs to any other DOCX document as required. Once, the book gets completed and ready for publishing, the writer can export the manuscript into various formats for publication such as an e-book, print, or PDF format. Hence, it is an appropriate tool that can be used for both writing and publication purposes.

  • Evernote

The writing software allows authors to create, organize and store digital notes. Writers can create notes in various formats such as text, images, audio, and video.  Moreover, the software helps to create notebooks. The writers can organize their notes regarding the topic or the project they are working on. Consequently, the writers can quickly find their specific notes using keywords or tags.

To Recapitulate  

Today, writers have adopted digital and advanced writing software to refine their writing skills. Outstanding software such as Scrivener creates, organizes, and manages long complex writing projects such as fiction, novels, and nonfiction books. The writers create an outline plot, scenes, and dialogues. Editing software such as Grammarly and ProWritingAid offers a wide range of features, including grammar and style checking, contextual thesaurus, and readability analysis of the document. Hence, using appropriate writing apps and software can help writers, and bloggers streamline their writing process and refine their language and writing competency.