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Why Cybersecurity has become more important than ever



As the world is gradually advancing, we see how everybody has gained access to the internet in one way or another. As a result, the demand for online platforms has increased in these modern times. Be it a corporate company, government office, or even a tiny business, they all are using online tools to make it easier for the public to access them. In addition, digitalization has also made it easier for them to store records and create networks around the world.

All these facilities are a necessity of the hour. However, some greater risks come with it, which are called Cybercrimes. Though advancement has proven to be good, it has also provided hackers with more modern ways to hack our system and access sensitive data. That is why it is important to build strong awareness among the masses for cybersecurity prevention. It doesn’t matter if your industry is influenced by digitalization; you must gain basic cybersecurity knowledge.

Here are the reasons why;

  1. Increased cyber attacks

As mentioned before, with the use of IoT gadgets and internet services, there is also an increase in cyberattacks that happens to different organizations, banks, and government offices. Cybercriminals easily access an organization’s data through their employees by sending them fraudulent emails or messages. Although that was in the past, hackers have now improved their ways of finding vulnerabilities to gain access to more information.

Hackers attack small businesses more often than big ones because they are usually less secure which means getting through the system will be a lot easier. Cybersecurity professionals have to be hired by every organization to update security measures from time to time.

  1. Increased cybercrimes toward individuals

When it comes to cybercrimes, not only do organizations or businesses get attacked, but an ordinary person has the same high risk of Cybercrime. For example, in recent years, mobile phones have become everything; it’s like putting a whole world in this simple gadget. This has given hackers leverage to sell an individual’s information for profit after selling it.

One of the many ways a hacker attempts to attack an individual is by sending phishing emails, calls, or messages. Through this, they can steal a person’s sensitive data like passwords, login information, and bank details.

  1. Cybercrime costs a lot

When a company becomes a victim of a cyber-attack, it can lose millions of dollars. The loss canbe hard to recover sometimesand may lead to bankruptcy. That is why it is essential to invest in cyber-security professionals because your company cannot afford a data breach.

According to Forbes, “the cost of breaches has been consistently rising in the last few years. The new vulnerabilities that emerged from shifting to a remote workforce expanded the cyber-attack surface and added many vulnerabilities for hackers to exploit from home offices. Automated attacks by hackers and the ability to convert cryptocurrencies via ransomware have also added to cybercrimes.”

  1. Smart hacking methods

No matter how much you try to keep your cybersecurity updated, hackers will always find a way to access your data. That is why it is crucial to make people aware of Cybercrime and hire professionals who know how to implement innovative tools to keep your data safe.

  1. Hackers are always present

Just because you don’t own a business, be it small or big, or you are not a famous individual, always know that hackers will take advantage of you one way or another. Even the airplane system is facing security breaches. So, no matter your professional background, you need the best security professionals to identify and mitigate security threats for every technological innovation has become a requirement.

That is why it is best to hire a professional cyber-security expert to look after your needs. In the market, you may find numerous cyber-security experts but no one is compared to Anton Iagounov.

Anton Iagounov

Iagounov is a writer, hacker, and security specialist. He has experience in law enforcement, public safety, and security and is a former peace officer and federal agent. His time as a security officer for numerous organizations has made him aware of every single problem a person may face on the internet. He has made his lifelong aim to make people about the security problems you may have if you are using the internet. That is why he has released books and audio and uses social media to tell people about the sensitivity of cybercrimes. He has done a Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice and is the winner National Security Agency Code Breaker Challenge 2019 (Award Winner).

I am Brett, a young entrepreneur and author of Kivodaily. I also writes for Usawire, The Weekly Trends and other publications.