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Why Gojek Clone Software Is Important for On-Demand Business?



gojek clone

An on-demand business is where your customers can get anything they want, anywhere at their preferred time. Say, you want to go to the city mall and need to book a taxi right now! You have apps like Uber that offer you on-the-spot taxi ride booking! Similarly, the Gojek Clone App is one super app that lets users book multiple services on the go! 

gojek clone app

What Customers Expect from On-demand Apps? 

Now that you know what on-demand apps are and what they do, let’s move to understand what customers expect from such apps. It is important to know forex trading course what your customers want in order to fulfill their demands. Remember, a business can achieve success only if they deliver what customers want from them.

Easy-to-use platform 

On-demand businesses usually offer multiple services like online taxi booking, food ordering, parcel delivery, hiring a personal shopper, on-demand medical services, etc. When you are offering such a wide variety of services, it is clear that the demographics of your audience are going to be broad. In simpler words, customers of every age will be using your app. 

Therefore, the app must have an attractive UI/UX plus an easy-to-use interface! 

Quick service booking 

Customers expect quick service booking from the apps. Therefore, the Gojek Clone App allows customers to book the service with only a few taps. With a single tap, customers can access the entire menu and choose the service they want. 

Moreover, with a single click on the BOOK NOW or BOOK LATER button, the customers can either choose to get single-day delivery or schedule the service! 

Convenient updates 

When you are running an on-demand business, you need to keep the customers updated about the progress of their orders. Therefore, to ensure that customers get instant updates, the multi-service app has the feature of graphically-represented in-app push notifications. 

Through these push notifications, the app can keep the customers updated by displaying messages such as: 

“Your restaurant has accepted your order.” 

“Delivery Agent is on their way to pick up your order.” 

“Your order is packed and ready to be dispatched.” 

“Delivery Agent has picked up your order.” 

“Order delivered successfully.”

Secure payment methods 

With the Gojek Clone App, customers are able to make secured payments. The app integrates payment gateways through which they can securely make transactions. Moreover, the credit card details that customers add to their app are not saved in the app or its database. Every such high-security detail is kept in the safe vaults of the local payment gateway. 

Therefore, customers can securely make online payments via credit card or through wallet-to-wallet transactions! 

Accurate order/ride tracking 

Live location tracking is one of the most essential features of the multi-service app. Here, the customer can easily track the order or the location of the service provider on the in-built map. 

Besides the location of the service provider, the customer can also track the service on the timeline and see the estimated time of arrival on the app’s screen. 

Safety features 

Maintaining customer safety is one of the prominent goals of the Gojek Clone App! To ensure that customer safety, the app integrates two main features. Well, both the features are available in Taxi Booking Service. 

SOS/Panic Button 

The SOS button is useful when the passenger senses themselves in a life-threatening situation. In such a case, they can press this button. The moment they click the button, a HELP message is sent to 5 emergency contacts. Moreover, an alert with the location of the passenger is sent to the app admin! 

Share live location with friends/family

The passenger can share the ride details with their friends and family. With the help of the shared information, the closed ones can track the passenger’s ride from start to finish! 

In conclusion: 

To sum up, let’s understand why the Gojek Clone App is best for your on-demand business. No matter if you are an existing business or one that’s planning to enter the industry, this app is available for every budget. Moreover, one can kick start and establish their name in the on-demand multi-service industry in just 1 to 2 weeks with this app! 

So, why wait? Get the app today!