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Why is my Orbi router login AXE11000 Homepage not opening?



Why is my Orbi router login AXE11000 Homepage not opening?

Orbi router login is the most visited gateway by Netgear Orbi users. Moreover, you can also approach the Orbilogin page using the default IP address as a login address. When you want to replace some settings on our Netgear Orbi admin login panel, verifying the network connection is necessary. The frequently faced trouble are as follows to access this gateway.

Reasons why the Orbi firmware login gateway is not opening?

  1. It might not be the default Orbi admin login gateway address.
  2. Your WIFI router might have gone offline.
  3. The LAN and the WIFI network card of your device might have been disabled.
  4. The security firewall you have installed on your device to protect from unauthorized access can block access.
  5. If your Network drivers create problems, you cannot access the Orbi firmware 
  6. Solve is not an opening problem;

Make sure that is the default gateway

  1. Make sure that is the default Orbi admin login
  2. And you are not making any mistakes by visiting the wrong website.
  3. Press both the window and the R key at once on your keyboard,
  4. And then type cmd and press enter.
  5. Next, you should type ipconfig, and you can see a list of pop-ups.

You have to locate the Default Orbi setup gateway. It displays the correct website to log into the web-based management console. Do you find your default gateway? If yes! If the problem persists, then try the upcoming levels.

Power cycle your Orbi AXE11000 Mesh router 

Locate a power button at the back of your Orbi setup device and press it once for two seconds. You can also use a stylus to press the power button and turn off the router. And after five minutes, restart the router. To start the router, you need to press the power button available at its back once again. It is for a fresh start to your router, then tries logging in.

Enable your Netgear Orbi setup Network card

You need to click on the Network Connection icon in the lower right corner of your computer screen.

  1. And then, select the option, Open Network and Sharing Center.”
  2. Go to the left of the same page, and choose Change adapter settings.
  3. Make sure that your Orbi router login network card is enabled.
  4. If your WIFI network is running down, you can see the option to disable it here.
  5. Just tap on the Network card that you have. And then select enable to revive it.

Update your AXE11000 Orbi setup driver

We are elaborating on some basic steps to login into the web-based configuration panel or the Orbi firmware page of your router. And then, you can update the network driver without any app.


  • Press the [Win] and the [R] key simultaneously on your computer device.
  • Then type devmgmt.msc into the [Run box] at the below-left corner and click the Enter button.
  • The Device Manager window will appear. In the Device Manager, expand the Network Adapters.
  • Make right-click on the network card driver and select Update Driver Software.
  • You need to select the Search button automatically to update the driver software.
  • Wait for a while and let Windows update the network card driver securely.
  • You should repeat the update process with the other network card driver that you see here.

Reset your Netgear Orbi setup Mesh system to default 

  1. To reset the router, press the reset button.
  2. It has a little embedded into your Orbi AXE11000 hardware panel.
  3. Use any pointed object like a pencil to press the reset button.
  4. And then, press the button for more than ten to twenty seconds.
  5. After that, the router will acquire its default configurations or factory settings.

Is your modem or the router not configured to authorize automatic IP assignment? It can be one of a cause to stop you from accessing the Orbi admin login page. In this situation, allow the router to configure the IP address. If there is an Orbi login issue, then it has expired. Are you still using the oldest version? Then you cannot access your Orbilogin page. You should go to the Netgear Orbi support site and download the latest Orbi firmware.