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Why is the Telecommunication Sector Vulnerable to Attacks?



Telecommunication Sector Vulnerable to Attacks

The telecommunication industry has witnessed tragic moments of cyber-attacks and threats. Attackers will stop at nothing as they never miss a chance to enter a website and snatch sensitive information. The telecom industry has seen a 51% increase in cyber-attacks in 2021, making it the third most vulnerable sector. However, there could be various underlying reasons that you can work on to avoid similar attacks and deceive criminals. Bad actors always keep an eye on the telecommunication infrastructure as it carries sensitive information. This post will explain why the telecommunication sector is vulnerable to attacks. Keep scrolling to learn more!

Vulnerability Reasons for The Telecom Sector:

The telecommunication industry is widespread, and almost every organization works on it. However, the system carries as many drawbacks as its advantages, and bad actors will always search for a weak zone. Talking about the reasons for this vulnerability, you will find many under the hood, and we have compiled a few basic ones for you. Let us dive deep into the list without any further ado!

1. Legacy technology:

IP-based threats are the most common cyber-attack reasons, and the managerial bodies should pay attention to them. The Telecom industry is still fond of legacy technology, but it has gradually exposed the entire industry to IP-based threats. The vulnerable old-school systems in various companies can lead to cyber-attacks, and you know the saddest part? The transition process is too slow!

Despite modern technologies, some companies still struggle with this aspect and encounter IP-based threats. The reason is that the adoption and transition to these modern and digital transformations are too slow, leaving them vulnerable to cyber-attacks.

2. Interconnectivity of networks:

The interconnectedness of networks is another leading cause of cyber-attacks in the telecom industry. Customer data and sensitive information constantly travel among these connected networks, and cyber-attackers have no free time to enjoy! Networks in the telecom sector are connected. There are also tons of sensitive data and consumer records.

These elements allow cybercriminals to do the most harm with the least effort. The interconnected networks mean that an intrusion might provide access to data on many connected systems. Do you want to add more security to your telecom infrastructure? Why not allow experts to install it for you? It would be best to contact telecommunication infrastructure Dubai companies and let them help you!

3. Technical illiteracy:

If one of your team members lacks technical knowledge and skills, it could be a major challenge to deal with. It can lead to severe cyber-attacks, and management needs to do something about it. Bad actors will always wait for the perfect chance to attack. They constantly watch over the expert, and as soon as he leaves the system to a newbie, the attacker will never miss the chance!

One of the biggest problems is that the team as a whole lacks technical knowledge and awareness. Data sharing and bad password hygiene frequently encourage risks that may be easily prevented with the right education. Being a management person, you better educate your team and alleviate the risk of attacks.

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4. Sensitive information storage:

Most websites – like ecommerce and online stores – store sensitive information in their portals. The data often include financial details and credit card numbers. Do you know ONE good reason why bad actors won’t attack this data? Certainly not! Another bad practice is leaving the data unencrypted, an open invitation to cyber criminals to breach your walls and snatch the data.

Data storage can be a leading cause of cyber-attacks in the telecommunication industry. Your online store must be well-protected with modern-day security updates and firewalls. Anything loose will cost you more than you can anticipate!

5. Not maintaining the infrastructure:

We often commit the mistake of leaving our telecom infrastructure unaddressed and unchecked after installing it. It can be a grave mistake, and cyber attackers will never forgive you for this! The best you can do is keep an eye on your telecom infrastructure and the connected gadgets to ensure they are working fine. Anything unusual must be reported immediately to the technical board to deal with the problem.

Installing the telecom infrastructure in your office or building can also be tricky. If it is not installed properly, you will frequently incur maintenance costs. Why not hire the best telecommunication infrastructure Dubai installers for the job to ensure maximum security and accuracy? It will help you reduce the post-installation hazards in your network, making you focus on the core business objectives.

Eliminate the threats from your telecom infrastructure!

Your telecommunication infrastructure can experience various threats and cyber-attacks as the industry has grown more dynamic. Bad actors are more educated than before and will never miss a potential opportunity to break the house. The best you can do is to hire professional telecom and fiber optics installers and ensure maximum security for your network. Call them today!