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Why People Buy Wood Fireplaces



Wood Fireplaces

There are two types of fireplaces – wood and everything else. Wood burning fireplaces cannot be equaled either in functionality or in appeal. A wood burning fireplace is the very conceptual entity of romance while simultaneously being the oldest and most indispensable tool of mankind. Perhaps this is why, then, that the hearth is a metonym for the home or a dwelling and the essence of such a place. A wood fireplace is the focal point of the home, whereupon families depend for provision from the cold, for the ability to prepare food, and as the spirit of the home for all that the necessity of a fireplace provides. All this and yet more are the reasons that people Buy Wood Fireplaces.

People that appreciate a wood fire understand that there is no parallel. A wood fire will grow and mature from youth to age like a living soul, requiring tenderness in its infancy, while impressing in its prime. It will become ever-changing, dancing as it consumes its fuel. It will age into a demure, but bone warming and emboldening bed of coals that will drive cold as leaves before a gale. It will leave its mark in the gentle yet spirited redolence of wood smoke that gives character to an abode. There can be no comparison to other forms of heating, as anyone who has been near to a wood fireplace or a bed of coals knows. Their versatility of form is another endearing feature, capable of being inset into a room or standing alone a stove to minimize heat loss to the flue.

For the aforementioned reasons and yet more, you might consider it an option to buy wood fireplaces. When you are seeking options and styles, you should look no further than Embers Living. The purveyor of the finest available fireplaces, grills, stoves, and accessories, Embers Living is the answer to the question of a fireplace. Regardless of your taste or interest, you can trust in Embers Living to supply a range of options for outfitting your house with a wood burning fireplace. From makers like Majestic, Napoleon, Astria, Regency, and Superior, Embers Living has the style and function to perfectly complement your home. You might be interested in something along the lines of the traditional Astria Georgian 50 for its regal aesthetics with 50 inches of frontage, or you might be more attracted to the more modern black iron Montecito, capable of 86.6% efficiency and over 50,000 BTUs with the right fuel.

Perhaps you are yet interested in the more modern style of the Napoleon High Country 7000, capable of being paired with heat circulation kits for added efficiency and a firebox accommodating up to 50 pounds of wood. With an air wash system to keep the glass on the door clear for viewing of the fire, it is the perfect marriage of appeal and function. You might even be in the market for a wood burning stove for perhaps the most effective of all. Napoleon’s Banff 1100 offers an output of up to 55,000 BTUs, oxygen control for burn control to ensure a clean burn and maximum heat output, as well as a heat radiating glass. As if to pull out all the stops, there is a system within the unit to feed air from the bottom to resuscitate a moribund bend of coals.

Regardless of the reasons you list to buy wood fireplaces, you’ll be sure to find something you love at Embers Living, where attention to the customer is central to business, and where only the highest quality wares comprise the inventory. To see the difference wood makes, head to today – a fire will never be the same for you.

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