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Why Using a Tablet May Be Better Than a Laptop



Why Using a Tablet May Be Better Than a Laptop

Gone are the days when tablets were considered just lanky versions of smartphones meant for media consumption and light gaming. Over the years, mobile companies have invested their time and money in tablets to elevate their status to make them all-round computing machines while maintaining their portability. 

That begs the question, do today’s laptops pack enough punch to give laptops a run for their money? Let’s find out. 

Why Should You Use Tablets Over Laptops

Thin & Light

The most apparent reason you want to go for a tablet over a laptop is its size and weight. Tablets are generally very thin and lightweight. This act makes portability easy, which is why frequent travelers find tablets easy to carry around. For reference, most tablets weigh about 1 pound, making laptops big and bulky in comparison. 


Tablets have smaller screen sizes and lesser hardware, which puts less stress on the processor and the battery. You can get a lot more juice out of tablets than laptops. Some pills can even give you a screen-on time of 14 hours!

Cheaper Than Laptops

Having lesser hardware also means tablets are generally cheaper than laptops for sale. You can find a fully-functioning tablet for around $200-300. Tablets with powerful processors and specs are still quite affordable compared to their laptop counterparts with similar processors. 

Bigger, Better Screen

The bigger and crispier screens of tablets and their portability make them ideal for content consumption. Whether you want to stream your favorite show, movies, or an ebook, tablets are a much more viable option than laptops. Additionally, the touch-screen makes interacting with tablets much more convenient and interactive. 

More Secure

Tablets are far more secure than regular laptops designed for closed systems. As a result, the chances of malware or virus infecting your tablet are far less than a laptop. Tablets also have built-in security features making them secure devices, especially for businesses. 

Capable Camera On-The-Go

Tablets have great cameras far superior to the ones you find on laptops. These cameras are similar to smartphone cameras so that you can take quality pictures on the go. Laptop cameras are designed to be used as webcams which is why they’re mediocre. On the other hand, the camera found on tablets ensures your video quality looks great even when used as a webcam. 


Today’s tablets come with fast chipsets and processors that do the job quickly and efficiently. People looking to get their office work done generally prefer laptops but tablets now offer similar functionality in both hardware and software.

Important software for business, like Microsoft Office, can be easily run on tablets. At the same time, hardware like a detachable mouse and keyboard means you can get all your office work done like your regular laptop. This hardware can be attached or detached as per your requirement so that the tablet’s portability is not compromised.

Today’s tablets have come a long way to ensure they’re capable machines. If you’ve decided which device you’d go for, you can visit Experimax. They have several Ipads for sale so you can choose the right one. Moreover, they also have many Macbooks for sale if you’re interested in buying them.