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Why Your Video Intercoms Should Have Touchless Access?



Video intercoms once started as an intercom; their purpose is only for mere communications, no automatics, and most are manual. Some intercoms exist to this day, and it is understandable to those who are having a hard time letting go of old practices. But, it is best if you keep our options open to possibilities and potential. Indeed, investors saw potential in intercoms, which has now evolved into video intercom. These video intercoms will help you in your day-to-day life, and if you want to know how effective it is, then it is for you to discover. As we said, intercoms are not only intercoms in this period; you can now label them as video intercoms if they have a built-in camera and other advanced functionalities.


 If you are considering investing in a video intercom, you have to know that there are multiple things that you should consider. One thing that you should look into is a video intercom if it has touchless access. Touchless access might be a complex word, but you will know later. If you want to know more about video intercom’s contactless access control, keep reading. Make sure to list some of the essential things. Lastly, share this with your family and friends for future reference. 


Who Can Benefit The Contactless Access Control?


1.) Residents


Indeed, residents will be the first to benefit from this functionality. As you will always be in your area, you will automatically experience it firsthand. Contactless access control will no longer require unnecessary touches to the screen. It can automatically operate as fast as it can.


2.) Visitors


Visitors might be a carrier of viruses, dirt, or anything. With contactless access, it will refrain them from making direct contact with your things possible. So, contactless access is not only for typical situations; this functionality is also relevant in today’s happening. 


3.) Delivery Drivers


Authorized delivery drivers can also benefit from contactless access. In situations where you are not around, you can remotely unlock and give the drivers access. It will also help to secure your parcels. 


Other Contactless Access Control Features That Should Be Present In Your Video Intercom


1.) Facial Recognition


Facial recognition is one of the most intriguing features that video intercoms should have. It is efficient and can help you in situations where you want to avoid making direct contact with the screen. In cases where your hands are full of essential things, scan your face, and it will automatically give you access. Also, it is straightforward to register your face in facial recognition. 


More Information About Facial Recognition:

  • Has Anti-Spoofing
  • User enrollment is very light to operate and usually takes only a minute to add and remove


2.) Mobile Access Control


Mobile access control is also the most useful functionality in a video intercom. Most video intercoms are cloud-based and sometimes have an app so people can install it on their phones. Note that mobile access control can help you conduct remote unlocks, which is very efficient and beneficial to those people who are only sometimes physically present in their area. You can do remote unlocks anywhere and anytime.


More Information About Mobile Access Control:

  • You can download an app that is functional on IOS and Android
  • Mobile access control can help strengthen your data privacy and security
  • An app is unnecessary, and you can do remote unlocks on a browser; there is no need to be onsite.


How Crucial Are Contactless Access?


If you want to unleash the full potential of your video intercom, then you deserve a high-performing with unlimited services kind of intercom. It is possible to find an all-in-one intercom. Many brands in the market are surfacing right now; some might hurt your pocket, and some might be reasonable. So, if you want to buy an intercom, expand it beyond a few specific services; it is time to explore more the advances of technology.