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Will Linux Ever Rule the World?



Will Linux Ever Rule the World?

Linux is one the fastest growing operating system in the world. Every day Linux users are increasing because they have realized the power of Unix.

However, Question always arises in everyone’s mind Will Linux ever rule the world? Well, there is no straight answer to that. Because there are many factors that affect everyone’s life so it is hard to predict.

Linux All Web servers

Right now, Linux is powering 67% of the all web servers across the world. So you can imagine how powerful it is to have that kind of expansion rate.

Almost every server on the internet is powered by Linux so it is pretty sure that they are going to be the biggest leader in the operating system.

Even Microsoft also have started their own version of Linux Called Azure.

Linux is one the fastest growing operating system in the world. Every day Linux users are increasing because they have realized the power of Unix. However, Question always arises in everyone's mind

If you think for a moment then you will realize almost every server and smartphone has a basic Linux source. Except for windows for desktop. So Microsoft will be there for a long time to get their guards down.

Linux Open Source

As Linux is open source so any person on this planet can use this. If you are using Android Phones then it’s kernel is based on Linux. Most of the users don’t know about their own Android phone.

Here is what Carla has to say about Linux Desktop users.

I don’t believe that the desktop Linux market share is barely 1%. I think it is a lot higher. I have no good data to share; I base my assessment on experience and knowing the industry. There is something else that is even more persuasive, and that is how Microsoft behaves. If Linux is so insignificant, why do they pay so much attention to it?

— Carla Schroder, Linux Today

Linux Desktop Users

LInux cloud

Since Linux has its own GUI, their market share is increasing like anything. Now, most of the laptops have preinstalled Linux OS in their system.

As you can see from the chart above there are whole a lot of improvements for Linux OS.

Linux Benefits

There are many benefits of using Linux that’s why people are shifting to Linux as it is now become easier to use and people are also becoming geekier.

Better System Stability: 

If you are already using Linux then you must have experienced its system stability. Its system is a lot more stable than New Windows 10, and it is improving daily to get more out of it.

Better Malware Protection: 

If you have used Windows then once in while you must have got a virus or malware from your friend’s pen drive. Well, it has become common these days, to get malware in your windows just by visiting an unprotected website. After that, You and your OS will get screwed.

So in Linux, you will get better malware protection and it will not affect your day to day life, you will enjoy seamlessly running OS without thinking that your data can be tracked or hacked.

Low or No Cost: 

Apple computers are hell lot expensive even if you want to play Mario type of game their, you will have to pay 100$ for that thing. Well, in Linux there is no such thing as expensive everyone is same there. Every user will get the same amount of thing.

Most of the things are there for free, however, if you want to get a high level of software for your company then you will have to pay a little amount compare to apple products.

Linux Doesn’t Slow Down Overtime:

I still remember the day when I used to use windows on my laptop. When it was fresh laptop new laptop, everything was as smooth as butter, once I use it for 1 month it started to slow down.

Most of the apps take longer than usual. Even the startup boot time took 3 to 4 minutes, that was frustrating as hell. After that, I had to wait for 5 minutes to keep refreshing the windows.

I know I am sounding like windows hater but it is actually not, I was a Windows XP lover because it was fast lightning, but doesn’t have some basic feature which I needed the most.

Well, I am still learning about Linux aka Ubuntu. Because Learning never stops.

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Let me know in comments what are your thoughts about, will Linux ever rule the world?

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