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Worthwhile Ways to Bring New Life into Old Computers



Worthwhile Ways to Bring New Life into Old Computers

Has your laptop completely crashed or have you simply decided to buy a newer model? First of all, for the sake of the environment, computers at the end of their life can be either refurbished or recycled. This simply means that it’s time to ask yourself what you’re going to do with your old device. Resell it, recycle it, give it a second life according to its condition. It’s totally up to you as many different options are opened to you.

The leading thread of this article will undoubtedly help you to find the alternative that best suits your needs.

Worthwhile Ways to Bring New Life into Old Computers:

You have just acquired a new computer and you don’t know what to do with your old one? You don’t want to throw it away and think it could be refurbished? Don’t worry! We will give you the best advice on how to deal with your old computer.

That being said, even old and in bad condition, your old computer could always come back to life and be of invaluable use to you. To bring it back to life, you must, however:


# 1. Upgrade Hardware:

Programmed software obsolescence is one of the primary reasons why people separate from their computer hardware.

If you have the opportunity to give your device a facelift, by adding a few gigabytes of memory, RAM, etc., don’t hesitate to do so as it is quite enough to rekindle the flame.

Let’s explain a little!

In order to speed up the execution of certain programs or activities, Windows saves mini files that are used to launch procedures more quickly. This saves time but can be problematic when these files accumulate on the internal hard disk. However, there are times when the concern goes beyond the overload of data on the system disk and makes it difficult for the system disk to handle all the commands and manipulations of its user. Without the risk of getting into complicated settings and solutions, there is an alternative for the average user to give his computer a facelift. To do so, it is necessary to add more memory. This will speed up the performance of the machine, making it as fluid as when it was first used.

Many sites, however, offer completely overhauled and refurbished products at a discount price, with a warranty. So, in addition to saving money, you’ll also reduce your environmental impact. A little relief for your conscience!


# 2. Install an SSD:

If you need to make only one modification to your aging PC, install at least one SSD. With this component, you won’t even recognize your old computer anymore. Simply put, the SSD is a next-generation storage medium that relies on flash memory. Flash memory reaches phenomenal speeds of over 500 MB/s, compared to less than 100 MB/s for a conventional hard disk drive (HDD).

With no mechanical parts, SSDs are quiet, lightweight, and energy-efficient. To install an SSD, all you need is a SATA slot on the motherboard of your PC, the one traditionally occupied by the hard disk. Typically, motherboards have at least 6 SATA ports, so you should not have any problems connecting an SSD. Also note that to connect an SSD disk to your motherboard, you will need a SATA cable, if one is not supplied with the disk.

Once installed in your machine, it is advisable to completely reinstall your operating system on the SSD, rather than trying to clone your old disk on the SSD. Its performances will be optimized. Another good advice is to install only the OS, your resource-intensive programs on the SSD, and the rest on the regular hard disk.


# 3. Graphics Card:

For a second chance to your old computer, your graphics card needs to be replaced by a more powerful model that will allow you to improve the speed and visual quality in games. This is within everyone’s reach.

First, you need to check the interface to be used by the new video card. This interface is located on the motherboard of your computer and it is on it that you will plug your new graphics card. You are unlikely to make a mistake, there are two types of interface: AGP and PCI-Express.

The AGP bus is used by older graphics cards and is now replaced by the PCI-Express bus. If your motherboard has a PCI-Express bus, you will be able to choose from the best models.

Once you have your new video card, you will need to get your hands dirty: open your computer case, remove the old video card and plug in the new one.

It will then be automatically recognized by Windows. However, to get the best performance and all the advanced features of your new video card, you will need to Update Graphics Drivers.


# 4. Hard Drive:

Getting a new hard drive is a good way to improve the performances of your old computer. Just like multimedia files (music, photos, and videos) that sometimes pile up by the thousands in the PC, today’s software requires more and more disk space, with some recent games even surpassing 10 GB! However, a saturated hard disk leads at best to system slowdowns, at worst to incessant Windows crashes. To avoid this, a good solution is to change your hard disk, especially if your computer is a little old.


# 5. Upgrade CPU:

We all know that the slowness of the computer can be due to many factors including the processor. That’s why you should think about changing it to give a new boost to your old computer. It is therefore advisable to take a few points into consideration. Which models are suitable for me, and how do I know? How do I install it? Is it an operation reserved for specialists? All these questions should be answered before using a new processor.


# 6. Reinstall Windows:

To give an old machine a second lease of life, the installation of a new operating system is an interesting solution. It is possible to choose one that requires few resources to perform secondary tasks such as word processing or launching simple games.



That’s all folks! Here are some Worthwhile Ways to Bring New Life into Old Computers. Don’t forget to share your ideas in the comment section below.

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