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Zest.Fund Aims to Disrupt Traditional VC Financing



Zest.Fund Aims to Disrupt Traditional VC Financing

Blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies have proven themselves to be quite capable of disrupting outdated methodologies and technologies. They have also opened up many eyes to the possibilities this new, “trustless” technology brings with it. Cryptocurrency veteran Stuart Farmer, CEO of Lamden, has found yet another open space whose interlacing of blockchain would benefit people greatly; Zest.Fund will allow you to dig into the world of Silicon Valley venture funds without the need for deep pockets.

The funding of private companies is riddled with internal regulations that prevent those without large amounts of capital and a high-profile network from being granted access. The many financial opportunities that arose when companies such as Google, Facebook, and Amazon were founded, were locked away from the average Joe in favor of the wealthy. Those with the capital and foresight were able to get into these then-private companies without issue. This allowed them to easily maximize their profits, while the vast majority was forced to watch these companies grow from the sidelines.

When companies finally do go public, the point of maximum profit has already been lost. Though a stock may increase in value from its IPO price, those that get in for private rounds see astronomical returns, even reaching into the six-figure percent realm. In recent news, Lyft returned over 100,000% to its earliest investors while public IPO purchasers are (at time of writing) at a 27% loss. An IPO, therefore, seems to serve as not much more than allowing early backers to liquidate their shares, making the unsuspecting public part of their grand exit strategy.

Zest.Fund will unlock the doors for the dreamer without major capital and finally grant them a seat at the table while the chairs are still brand new. It is not unheard of for people to band together and pools their financial resources to be able to fulfill criteria for private company funding. Too often, however, these syndicates are still not able to enter the highest quality of funds due to a small network of individuals and lack of total capital. Zest.Fund takes care of this through mass continual crowdsourcing and then utilizes the many connections the team has built up during their tenures as technology and finance enthusiasts. An in-house comptroller and multiple analysts will ensure proper usage of the raised capital and report directly to the community on a consistent basis. Through such transparency, every interested individual will be updated frequently on the performance of the portfolio.

Zest.Fund has partnered with high performing exchange LATOKEN for their distributions of the Z token. Initial Exchange Offerings (IEO’s) differ from Initial Coin Offerings (ICO’s) as there is a primary layer of due diligence and KYC already in place by the host exchange. LATOKEN’s role is further expanded beyond this IEO, as once portfolio companies have leveraged enough profits, Z tokens will be market bought back on the LATOKEN exchange. Following this, all bought tokens are burned, massively draining the supply over time. Such an event is sure to increase the demand of the token.

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