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6 Characteristics of Custom Makeup Boxes



Custom Makeup boxes

The makeup industry is one of the biggest industries in the world. It is worth more than billions and billions of dollars. There are many big companies like Chanel, Dior, and many more. Many big celebrities own makeup brands of their names like The Outset by Scarlett Johansson, Fenty Beauty by Rihanna, and many more. The makeup industry’s yearly turnover is close to 100 billion dollars. All this is great but Packaging is one thing that plays a vital role. In the makeup industry, the look and feel of makeup boxes are very important. Custom makeup boxes play a very fundamental role for makeup companies as brand identity is the utmost important thing. Custom makeup boxes help to differentiate between genuine and non-genuine and it also delivers a unique experience to the customer. Unique characteristics of makeup boxes help the brands to stand out in the competition. Custom makeup boxes are the way to go; they are unique, they are the identity and they provide premium value to the customer. Here are the 6 characteristics of Custom Makeup Boxes that help the brand to engage with the customer in a better way.

Elegant Branding

Makeup boxes are one of the most stylish boxes. As the purpose of wearing makeup is to look stylish, and elegant, the box also must fulfill this purpose. This means makeup boxes should look elegant with the branding and design. You simply cannot expect all this from standard makeup boxes and here come the custom makeup boxes to rescue and to make boxes look more elegant and decent. Custom makeup boxes come up with amazing design opportunities for brands. There are tons of designs and color scheme options available. Since makeup products are all about colors, makeup boxes can carry the unique theme of colors.

Attractive Texture & Feel

Since we just talked about the elegant branding and how much important the custom makeup box design is, the texture of the box is also as much important as the elegant branding. Premium texture gives a very good feeling when holding. A good texture feeling of a box can change the customer’s mind. There is a difference between design and texture; design gives an appealing look while texture gives an elegant feeling in hand. Some makeup boxes carry a logo of a brand on the surface of the box but some brands being more creative go one step further, they die-cut the logo or the product name in the material in such a way that the textures feel so premium. It makes the whole experience fascinating.

Easy to carry Custom makeup boxes

Makeup is a daily must-wear for a woman. It is always there with them and it will be very handy for them if they can carry it easily. Unfortunately, standard makeup boxes are very boring and are difficult to carry but custom makeup packaging boxes are more value driven. Custom makeup boxes are easy to carry, they are built in such a way that there is no hustle to carry them or to keep them in a purse, they go both ways. Custom makeup boxes have many plus points but one of them is that they are not just handy or easy to carry, they are also very unique in design and their compact size is what makes them more convenient to carry.

Full of features makeup boxes

Makeup is not the only thing that women want to carry. Many accessories which are essential to wear makeup go with them like mirrors, hair brushes, and some others. Custom makeup boxes can be full of features other than just being a makeup box. Since custom printed makeup boxes are handy and easy to carry so it is not difficult for them to have a built-in mirror that can be placed inside the box, there can be a small segment to keep a compact hair brush and other necessary makeup accessories. Custom makeup boxes like these are more useful and provide extra value to the customer and create a unique experience for the customer

Easy to Access

Women are very busy these days; they are working hard, chasing their dreams, and playing a very vital role in the growth of the country. With all these hustles going on sometimes they don’t have a proper place to wear makeup since makeup is essential. Custom makeup boxes provide easy-to-use characteristic which is not available in the standard makeup box. Custom printed makeup boxes can more easy to use may be with a small stand at back made up of the same cardboard or corrugated material which helps to place the makeup box perfectly on any surface so it can be easy to apply a makeup.

Classy Brand Identity Custom makeup boxes

Many small companies use standard makeup boxes there is no logo of the company or any sort of branding of the company. Which gives a very cheap look and feel. Makeup boxes help to build the reputation of the company. It fascinates the customer with a unique boxing experience. Custom printed makeup boxes become the brand identity of the company it helps people to differentiate between genuine and non-genuine products. Custom makeup packaging boxes also go with the theme of the particular brand which means similar design language for different products of the same brand and at first glance on them it just can’t be ignored by the customer.


All in all, custom makeup boxes are the big plus point to make brand more unique. They are more customizable; they are more stylish and available in different styles and sizes. Standard makeup boxes are sort of typical, boring, provide no features at all, and lack customer satisfaction. Custom printed makeup boxes outplay standard ones here with multiple features and amazing experience. Custom makeup packaging boxes are not unique in design and look but also unique in their texture, and provide a very soothing feeling. Custom makeup boxes are the must thing for a brand to stand out and beat the competition by providing customers with an elegant and characteristic experience.

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