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7 Rice Bowl Recipes to Make at Home



Any of these simple rice bowl dishes are a great way to use up leftovers from the fridge. You can make a nutritious weeknight supper out of the bulk rice in your pantry by adding a variety of various vegetables and proteins.

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What Is a Bowl of Rice?

A variety of vegetables and proteins are placed over a bed of rice in a rice bowl. White rice, brown rice, and basmati rice can all be used to produce a rice bowl. Rice bowls are a terrific addition to any meal preparation routine because they need little preparation time and are simple to customise. For a filling lunch or midweek dinner, incorporate various components of Japanese, Chinese, or Mexican food into any rice bowl recipe.

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7 Recipes for Rice Bowls
The lunch and dinner recipes that are provided below are simple to prepare and only need a few basic ingredients. You only need cooked rice, some vegetables, and a protein, which you can quickly make in a rice cooker, slow cooker, or instant pot.

1. Bibimbap: A variety of meat and veggies are served with this Korean rice bowl. Sliced meats, such as bulgogi beef (or marinated tofu, for a vegan option), pickles and fermented foods, such as kimchi or gochujang sauce (Korean fermented red chilli pepper paste), namul (cooked and sautéed vegetables, such as greens or shiitake mushrooms), crispy raw vegetables, such as radish, bean sprouts, soybean sprouts, carrots, kale, and zucchini, as well as an
2. Buddha bowl: A buddha bowl is a vegetarian rice dish that consists of beans, edamame, cashews, cabbage, sweet potatoes, and other vegetables over a bed of rice or quinoa. Buddha bowls made with low-carb cauliflower rice can also be made with conventional rice. With a bed of brown rice, add complex carbohydrates to this nutritious meal. To make this nutritious dish, play with with ingredient combinations including lentils, brussel sprouts, and tofu.
3. Burrito bowls, sometimes known as taco bowls, are rice bowls that often contain items found in burritos. Pinto or black beans, proteins like chicken, pig, or carne asada, and fresh lettuce are added to lime-seasoned rice to create a burrito bowl. Fresh cilantro, sliced onions, or bell peppers, and seasonings like cumin, sriracha, or chipotle sauce should be added to your burrito bowl as garnish.
4. Chinese stir-fry: Stir-frying is a cooking method in which vegetables are cooked in a wok over a high heat. Veggies and proteins that cook quickly, such chicken breast or pork, benefit from this technique. To make your chicken stir-fry rice bowl, you can also add beef, shrimp, or chicken thighs. Simply pile stir-fried vegetables and protein over a dish of steaming white rice or fried rice. For a straightforward, filling dinner, top the bowl with sesame seeds, edamame, and scallions (green onions).
5. Donburi: The name “donburi” is used to refer to all rice bowls. There are several variations of this Japanese cuisine, which is served with simple, steamed white rice and includes vegetables, pork, fish, and eggs prepared with fragrant seasonings. There are many different donburi toppings, such as grilled eel, sashimi, sweet omelettes, and fried tempura.
6. Katsudon: This rice-topped Japanese meal consists of tonkatsu, a deep-fried pork cutlet. A frying pan can also be used to prepare katsudon, which is normally prepared in a single-serving pan called an oyakodon that is comparable in size to a serving of donburi.
7. Unadon, a rice dish with unagi (freshwater eel) slices and steamed rice. Unadon is well-liked during the summer in Japan. Home cooks in Tokyo use a technique called shirayaki to grill, steam, sauce, and then grill the eel once more.