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Ask a Divorce Lawyer: How Long Does the Divorce Process Take in Texas?



Are you filing for divorce? Wondering how long your divorce is going to take? It’s natural to want to get through something as difficult as a divorce as quickly as possible. There are a few things that your divorce lawyer wants you to know about the process.

Ask a Divorce Lawyer: How Long Does the Divorce Process Take in Texas?

When you are going through something as stressful and painful as a divorce, it makes sense to want it over and done with as quickly as possible. Unfortunately, it’s impossible to tell right off the bat how long your particular case could take.

In Texas, there is a mandatory waiting period of 60 days after filing a petition for divorce, so it will take at least a couple of months. Several other factors could contribute to the amount of time that your divorce ends up taking.


When you get a divorce, you are going to have to divide your property between yourself and your ex. Some couples are able to do this easily and come to fair agreements with no trouble at all. In a case like this, then, you can expect the divorce to take a shorter amount of time.

But if you and your ex are struggling to decide who should get what, or there’s some difficulty determining who the true owner of a piece of property is, this is going to take a longer time. You count on your Sugar Land divorce lawyer to ensure that all your property is divided fairly.

No-Fault Versus Fault Divorces

There are several different grounds for divorce in Texas. The first is a no-fault divorce. That means that your marriage is ending through no fault of your own or your spouse’s, and it is simply a matter of the two of you being incompatible. No-fault divorces tend to move much faster than fault divorces.

Fault divorces include fault for things like abandonment, cruelty, adultery, or criminal convictions. While these divorces can take longer, they can help you get justice if you have been treated wrongly throughout your marriage.

Child Custody

Are there children involved in your divorce? Are you fighting to maintain custody? Whenever children are involved, a divorce becomes a more complicated matter. A lot of emotions can come up when determining who should get custody, and that can make the process take a much longer time. Conversely, if you and your ex agree easily on matters of custody, the process will be easier and faster.

In most cases, a judge will rule that both parents should raise the children involved, meaning that it’s very difficult to get sole custody. Unless there is abuse, it is most likely that both parents will maintain some level of custody.

Your Spouse

If you want your divorce to move along as quickly as possible but your ex won’t stop picking fights or disagreeing as to the terms of your divorce, then it’s not going to be a smooth process.

Unfortunately, if your spouse chooses to be difficult and unreasonable, there’s not much you can do to speed up the process. This is why it’s important to have a lawyer on your side. Your lawyer will do whatever they can to help you come to an agreement and get you through this difficult process.

Why Hire a Lawyer?

Lawyers Have Experience

Even if you are your spouse are going through an amicable divorce, it’s a good idea to have a lawyer on your side. This is especially true if your ex also decides to hire a lawyer.

Your lawyer will have the training and experience you need to ensure that your divorce goes as smoothly as possible. They’ll fight for and protect your rights, ensuring that your ex’s legal representation can’t take advantage of you. Your lawyer will also give you advice, guidance, and support during every stage of your divorce.

Emotions Can Run High

Divorces are complicated things. It’s natural to grieve the loss of your relationship and to feel a range of emotions including sadness and anger. However, while this is inevitable, emotions can flare up during negotiations and cause tension and difficulty, meaning that your divorce will likely take a longer time.

When you hire a lawyer, you’re working with someone who has a much more objective view of your situation. This means they can present the facts, ensuring that emotions don’t get in the way and that you get a fair settlement out of your divorce.

If you are getting divorced, you are going to experience a lot of changes in your life. To keep the divorce process as smooth as possible, you’ll want to make sure that you work with a lawyer. Your lawyer will guide you through your divorce and make it as easy as possible.