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Attorney Kendra Stephen Is Leading in Diversifying Intellectual Property Law



In the United States, Law is the least diverse profession. The percentage of women, especially women of color, practicing law in every sector remains invisible. Brand and trademark lawyer, Kendra Stephen is making it her mission to break through any perceived glass ceiling to provide more seats at the table for other women of color.

According to the American Bar Association (ABA), eighty-five percent of all lawyers in America are white, and sixty-five percent are men. This is clearly seen within the field of intellectual property (IP), both in practice and in legal academia. Although there are efforts made toward increasing diversity and embracing inclusion, women of color are still underrepresented, disproportionately small, and undeniably stunted.

It is an intriguing fact that while the population has grown and business interests are becoming more diverse, the IP field has not increased. 

With the current issues happening right now, brands must get qualified professionals with diverse backgrounds to discuss what they can do during this new civil rights movement that we are experiencing. Now more than ever is the time to step up and diversify intellectual property law. People like Kendra are amplifying their voices and standing their ground so that industries that are historically male and white are starting to see change and color.

Kendra is the founder of the Trademark Firm. She helps her clients protect their brands by registering, monitoring, enforcing, and licensing their trademarks. But due to the systemic racism happening in the US, black entrepreneurs and creatives do not to get the legal assistance they need to protect their brand and other intellectual property properly. 

Over the years, black investors have navigated a difficult IP system such as trademarks, copyrights, and patents. Black entrepreneurs are more likely to have their intellectual property stolen than their white counterparts. This reality is because black entrepreneurs do not take steps to register their creations. Even those who have the chance to do so are less likely to monitor and enforce their rights as a trademark owner.

These challenges push Kendra to make sure that she takes her space in the male-dominated industry. For her, this is not only about an individual goal, but a vision for everyone else to thrive in the industry. Kendra believes that with women of color in intellectual property law, perspectives become more diverse and can offer solutions that may not otherwise be proposed. 

Today, she is helping her clients protect their brands by registering, monitoring, enforcing, and licensing their trademarks. Kendra’s job entails managing brands for corporations, entrepreneurs, professional athletes, entertainers, media personalities, and influencers. Kendra helps her clients protect their brands so that they can focus on growing their business.

Her clients have grown since which includes Reggae music royalty, a two-time pro bowler, a Shark Tank winner, and other newsworthy people.

Intellectual property law, which was and still is dominated by men, has now seen women of color take the industry to greater heights. And Kendra is one woman who is helping to revolutionize the industry.

Connect with Kendra through her website or follow her on Instagram.

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