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Can Automatically Apps Be Downloaded, Installed, and Launched On Fire Stick



Amazon rolled out many products in this digital world, but Fire Stick is one of the most popular devices, which has given an edge to its competitors due to its sophisticated features, and the best thing about this device is that it keeps adding new features to it in the form of updating or adding new apps on it. In order to carry on this memento, recently Amazon has rolled out Auto App Download for its Fire Stick, the main purpose of rolling out this app is to make easy process to download, install, and launch app on Amazon Fire Stick using in one click, so that all the time consuming steps which were associated with can be avoided it. Most of the Fire Stick users do not know about this app and due to this reason they are facing an issue with it if you are one of them then feel free to contact firestick customer service number to in order to provide all ifs and buts of this, this post comes with complete information about this app. Thus its users can utilize in a perfect manner.

What Is Auto App Download?

Recently, it has been rolled out by Amazon for its Fire Stick to download other app in just one click. The new feature of Fire Stick will make easy process of downloading, installing, and launching apps which you want to have onto your streaming device using one click.

if we move backward about installing new onto Fire Stick, we had to follow a few of the steps precisely, including to begin with select the app which you want to download, and then wait until it is downloaded completely, after that move on to the app list to find the downloaded app to launch it. All these prescribed steps are followed after selecting new app to install onto your Fire Stick. Sometimes it happen when users are facing issue with amazon prime video error code 1061 and because of this users are unable to watch their content on Fire Stick if you are facing the same issue then get in touch with experts by follow the given link.

In general, if you select an app that has not been installed so far on your device, you will find apps’ detailed will appear on one page which is enabled with purchased button. If you are going to download or install new app which you have neither download or install on your device earlier. The new Auto app will not work in this situation. After enabling the new auto download feature, the app will automatically will start download without displaying page regarding new app. As soon as the downloading is done, it will be launched automatically and immediately. Make sure that a few of the apps are free to download and install but all of them. The app, which is not free, you need to select manually to purchase app before moving forward to download using auto app new feature.

To trigger on app icon is not the only action to download, install, and launch app on your device. If you want to stream the content of the app, you will have to go to its interface of the Fire Stick and find and select the program which you like to stream through this app. you don’t need to download the content which you like to stream via this app. If you are going to install a new auto app on your Fire Stick, one message will be prompted on your screen quickly like will you like to enable this feature of this app in future, this process of enable or disable is done manually by you using these steps like go to settings and then Applications and appstore. This article is enabled with enough information which helps you understand this app in depth.