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Chadar Trek – A wild adventure in Ladakh Chadar Trek




Chadar Trek or Zanskar Gorge Trek is a winter trek across the frozen Zanskar River in the Ladakh region of the Union of India. Traditionally, this is the only form of travel in the region during the harsh winter months. The route has become popular among foreign adventure tourists.The exciting and adventurous Chadar Trek in Ladakh is a dream for many nature lovers and adventure seekers. The breathtaking Chadar trek on the frozen Zanskar River is an adventure of a lifetime. 


Due to the winter snows, the roads leading to the Zanskar Valley are closed and the town of Zanskar is cut off from the rest of Ladakh. The Zanska River, which freezes over in December, creates thick glacial tracks. This route is the only road connecting Zanskar village to other parts of Ladakh. In January, the Chadar Trek on the frozen Zanskar River becomes thick enough to continue the trek. The map above shows the Chadar trekking route through Nerak, Tibb Cave and Gyalpo. So, on Chadar Trek, trekkers cross the thick ice formed on Zanskar river. In March, the trekking route on the frozen river starts to melt, making it impossible to trek to Chadar. January and February are the only two months when trekkers cross the frozen river of Zanskar for the Chadar trek. adventure travel


The spectacle of snowy mountains, frozen rivers and ice on lakes is the main attraction for visitors. Once you see this incredible place, you won’t want to live the amazing experience of a lifetime. Chadar trekking is famous for its spiritual and physical aspects. The road across the Zanskar river is famous for snow. However, the journey is not without risks. Your journey can be exciting and adventurous as you often encounter ice-breaking mountains to cross this vast land. To enjoy every moment of Chadar Trek smoothly, you need an agent to arrange a tour for you. We do the same for Chadar tractors in Ladakh. Pack your bags and get ready for a Chadar trekking adventure on the frozen Zanskar River.


this is funny! this is funny! This is a challenge! Unpredictable! And what’s even better is that there are many surprises to discover every day. For anyone who likes the word adventure to sound ‘extreme’, ‘rough’, ‘frozen’, ‘cold’ or ‘unpredictable’, the Chadar trek in Ladakh can be a journey for the soul. the element itself. They make the wonder of traveling in the vast Himalayan landscape an unparalleled experience. Chadar, which literally means ‘blanket’, perfectly describes this walking trail on the thick ice formed by the striking blue of the Zankar River. walking on water It’s like magic, and no, it’s not easy! You don’t need much bumping, but 9 days seems too short to learn to walk on ice, adapt to extreme temperatures down to -30 degrees and keep your toes out of traps. But for these very reasons it is worth the trip! Being in Chadar, with a cave as your only refuge from the inclement weather and a sledge as your means of transporting food, is like being teleported to a foreign land that few have ever been to. It is a geographical wonder. Without any sense of stability, the landscape changes in the blink of an eye, the ice and snow constantly changing shape and form, each more unstable than the other. It is a very simplistic achievement to think that the greatest adventure of your life is the routine of people who do this every day for a living in their local community. Along the way, you’ll meet locals and see the country through their eyes. Hiking is not only about the beauty of the landscape, but also lessons and insights into a completely different way of life. A glimpse into the colorful yet tough life of the Zanskar Valley.


If you want to explore the Himalayan culture, enjoy the colors of the city and be ready for any challenge following the cool breeze, this cold harbor with a frozen river below is a good place to visit. Dramatic landscape around. If each day of this trip brings nothing new, the highlight of the trip will be Nerak Falls, a gigantic waterfall frozen in time. The amazing thing about this trek is that everyone who experiences it has a different story to tell because things move so fast here in this part of Ladakh!


January is the best time to trek in Chadar. Read more about this glorious journey on this page.

The frozen river trek commonly known as Chadar trek with a surreal backdrop of nature’s colors is one of the challenging treks in the Ladakh region. Mountains pass through valleys, mountain caves and frozen waterfalls along a frozen river under a blue winter sky. It is one of the most difficult treks in the Indian Himalayas, with rare climatic conditions that make it difficult for hikers to survive through steep cliffs and temperatures that can drop below -10 degrees Celsius.