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10 Effective Techniques Writing a Resume That Helps You Land Your Dream Job!




The application procedure for jobs is incredibly competitive. Therefore, your resume must showcase your best qualities to stand out from the competition and land you on your dream job. Writing a resume for the first time can be challenging and stressful because you don’t have to only add the right qualifications, but you also need to have a well-written, organised, and professional resume. Writing a successful resume involves deep consideration, research, knowledge, and work to land the desired job. 

10 Tips Might Help You Write a Successful and Effective Resume

The following is a complete summary of ten practical ways that you may use to write an outstanding resume to assist you in obtaining the job of your dreams:

  • Start with A Goal

It would be best to begin your resume with a concise and clear paragraph about your desired professional path. It not only serves as a hook that attracts the attention of the potential employer, but it also has the potential to give them a better understanding of your skills and experience.

  • Focus On Your Achievements

Add a few sentences to showcase your accomplishments rather than just mentioning your obligations and responsibilities. Draw attention to your most significant achievements and quantify them. For example, if you increased sales by 20%, mention that in your resume.

  • Include Relevant Keyword

Many companies now use search algorithms and other tools to scan resumes for relevant keywords. Keywords are the words and phrases mentioned frequently in the job description, and you should use them in your resume.

  • Professional Format and Style

Maintaining a consistent format throughout your resume is essential to ensure that it conveys the impression that you are a professional. It encompasses the typeface, margins, font size, headings, and subheadings. Also, ensure that you use a professional font that is easy to read, such as Times New Roman or Arial, and that the font size is between 10 and 12.

  • Focus on the Most Relevant Information

Include the same words in the job description when writing your resume, and focus on the most relevant facts. In other words, you should make sure that your resume reflects the qualities and skills that companies will be looking for, and you should include relevant keywords like “problem-solving,” “customer service,” “leadership,” and so on. 

  • Keep It Concise

Keep it short and to the point while adding the most relevant information to your resume. Avoid including unnecessary words and phrases in your resume. Make sure to avoid using long words and sentences in your resume, and restrict yourself to only including the most relevant information to the position you are applying for. Your resume should be one page at maximum. 

  • Make Sure Your Resume Is Error-Free

Make sure your resume is free of any typographical errors at all costs. It reflects a lack of concentration and may have been a major reason why you were not selected for the job. To ensure your resume is perfectly written and without errors, employ resume writing services Adelaide to prevent this.

  • Personalise Your Resume

Employers are interested in hiring candidates with the right qualifications and skills and the right mindset to fit in with the team and contribute to its success. As a result, it is essential to customize your resume to illustrate how well you would fit in with the firm. Ensure to include information that shows the employers why you should be chosen over other applicants and highlight your relevant experiences.

  • Include Relevant Social Media Profiles

The opportunity to include relevant social media profiles on resumes has changed from just being a paper. For instance, using LinkedIn as a platform to showcase your professional history and network and add your profile is a great opportunity. You also have to include or Gmail id.

  • Proofread Your Resume

After you have written your resume, you should proofread it multiple times to ensure there are no errors. Make sure it is flawless in structure and content.


Writing a resume can be a major challenge and make the difference between whether landing on your dream job or not. By following these 10 tip mentioned above, you can improve your resume significantly and make yourself stand out from other applicants. By focusing on essential elements such as format, content, keywords and other aspects, your resume will be a major asset in achieving your dream job. So make sure that you keep these 10 tips in mind when writing your resume.