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Small Energy Providers In Australia You Need To Know About



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If you have moved to a new place and need to get the lights on fast, it is understandable you would use Australia’s big three energy companies. If you stop someone and ask them to name an energy company, they will probably name  Origin, AGL, or EnergyAustralia. Many Aussies turn to these as a safe option. But if you have the time to dive into Australia’s competitive electricity market, you will find smaller companies equally worthy of attention. They might even give you a better deal. 

We have listed Australia’s smaller energy providers offering interesting models and the cheapest power deals as a guide. These are the smaller providers you should know about. Remember that as smaller players, these companies may not operate in every state or region. Let’s get to know them before we start comparing electricity rates.


With its fixed competitive prices and a strong focus on green energy, Nectr is giving the big companies a run for their money. It operates in ACT, New South Wales, South Australia, and southeast Queensland. The company offers simple competitive power deals without confusing discounts. Nectr also provides 100% carbon-neutral energy across its flagship product, with a secondary product focusing on GreenPower contributions available.

OVO Energy

The British retailer, OVO Energy, is trying its luck in the Australian market after being popularised in the UK. It brings a different approach to billing to our shores. By default, customers that sign up for OVO Energy’s single market offer say yes to billing smoothly. Billing smoothly means that customers agree to pay the same amount of money for electricity every month. Another great thing is that OVO Energy offers GreenPower options for customers interested in being environmental-friendly.


With a name such as GloBird, it is no surprise Aussies are gathering to this smaller power provider. GloBird has a few market options across the different Aussie states. Many of their plans have conditional discounts for customers signing up with direct debit billing and paying their bills before the due date. As long as customers meet the conditions of each plan’s discounts, GloBird is a great option over the big three.

Energy Locals

Energy Locals is another new entrance to the energy market. It is making waves in ACT, NSW, Tasmania, southeast Queensland, and South Australia. In its product offerings, Energy Locals’ main area is plans which give customers access to wholesale electricity prices through a monthly membership fee. Another benefit of using Energy Locals is its affordable solar feed-in tariffs and carbon-neutral energy.

Aurora Energy

Created in 1998, Aurora Energy provides gas and electricity to more than 280,000 Tasmanians. The Tasmanian government owns the company, and they only have one competitor. Only 4% of its customers complained in 2020 and 2021. Only 35% of its customer calls were answered in the first 30 seconds. They have a special focus on renewable energy through their Aurora Green program.  

Should You Choose A Small Energy Company

This question doesn’t have a wrong or right answer, but there are some things you can consider:


  • Opting for a smaller and unknown energy company can be a leap of faith since it will be harder to find online reviews about it. Also, chances are your friends are probably not signed up for it.
  • The energy companies that have been in business for decades are likely to offer more detailed customer service. These could include a 24-hour call centre and online chat support available anytime. Meanwhile, smaller providers will only talk to you through online chat and only at certain times of the day.
  • The bigger companies will have perks and benefits that make paying your bills easier in your pocket. These perks could be helpful apps, loyalty points, or benefits from the retailer’s partnerships with other service providers.

List Of Other Small Providers In Australia

As we mentioned, there are many options other than those mentioned above. Below is a longer list of smaller energy providers accepting new customers:


  • Amber Electric
  • Arcline by RACV
  • CovaU
  • Diamond Energy
  • Dodo
  • Kogan Energy
  • Sumo
  • 1st Energy


Now that you know the smaller energy providers in Australia and whether you should choose them or not, we hope you can decide which energy provider to go with. You can also use Cheapbills for comparing electricity rates among the above providers. 

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