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How to Plan a Wedding Step by Step



How to Plan a Wedding Step by Step

Even though your wedding will be one of the most magical days of your life, planning it will be one of the most stressful periods you’ll ever go through. There are simply so many things to take care of that you end up feeling lost and under a lot of pressure. To deal with these feelings, you’ll need a guide and step by step program to help you nail each assignment. The trick is to set little goals for yourself and do them one by one. In the end, you will have done a big thing without going through the stress you otherwise wouldn’t be able to avoid.

1. Set a budget

The first thing you ought to do when you’re planning a wedding is to set a budget. No matter how beautiful they are, let’s face it, weddings can get quite expensive. What’s recommended in this situation is for you and your SO to write every little expense down. No matter how small it seems, things add up.

If you’re not happy with the cost of your dream wedding, start narrowing things down and finding cheaper alternatives. If you’re creative and persistent, you can still end up having an amazing wedding without going completely broke.

2. Decide on a theme

Having a theme for your wedding will be a great way to make it more special and romantic. When it comes to weddings, you can choose a theme according to basically anything. From seasonal themes to vintage, to rustic, to slick and modern- everything is at your disposal. What theme you decide on depends on your budget and your preferences.

Make sure that you and your SO are on the same page about the kind of wedding you want, as this will help you avoid unnecessary stress. With extensive research, you’ll surely find something you both like.

3. Figure out the guest list

The guest list is a very important item on your agenda as it will narrow down all of your other choices for you. If it isn’t controlled, the guest list can end up stretching out for ages. This is especially true when you start listening to who your relatives and friends would like to invite. Remember that this is your wedding and not theirs so you don’t owe anyone you don’t want to invite an invitation.

You and your SO should sit down and start writing names, then figure out how tight you want the list to be. Keep in mind that you should leave room for a plus one for each guest.

4. Find the right venue

The venue you choose will set the tone of the entire wedding reception. There are a few factors you should take into consideration when choosing a venue: the size, the location, and the ambience it provides. If you’re planning a big wedding, you can also consider outdoor venues. This way, you won’t have to worry about the size of the venue limiting your guest list, you’ll have a beautiful location to work with, and the ambience will be perfect for a wedding- romantic and laid back.

People all over the world choose beaches as their ideal venue due to the appeal of the warm sand, brisk air, and comfortable sunshine. In fact, beach weddings are most popular in countries like Australia which boast the most beautiful coasts in the world. Thanks to experts like Northern Beaches Weddings & Events you could even have a beautiful destination wedding somewhere homey in Australia.

5. Don’t neglect the invitations

Your invitations will be the first impression your guests get of your wedding. Beautiful invitations have the power to persuade wavering guests into going, while they make those who already decided to come more confident in their decision. They’ll give your guests a taste of the vibe of the wedding and what kind of theme they can expect.

This means that your invitations should match the style of your wedding, as they’ll make the whole thing more compelling. You can make them yourselves if you want a more personal touch, but perhaps it’s more practical to choose to print them out. On top of all this, your invitations are great memories and souvenirs of your wedding which every family member and close friend will cherish. You can even frame one invitation and put it on your wall to serve as an everlasting token of your love.


As you can see, planning a wedding will take a lot of consideration and attention to detail. You and your SO can do it all together, though. When times get tough and the stress starts eating you alive, remember that this is a fresh new chapter in your lives and that you’ll fill it with love and happiness even if things seem dark right now.

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