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Making a Great Trip to Ahmedabad for More Excitement



Making a Great Trip to Ahmedabad for More Excitement

Ahmedabad in Gujarat is a popular tourist destination which attracts both domestic and international tourist. The city is well known for its history, culture, art, heritage, and other things. There are many UNESCO sites located in the city allowing tourists to explore many places. It is home to imperial temples, mosques, gorgeous lakes, beautiful museums, art galleries, historical structures, textiles, bustling markets, and traditional cuisines. The city holds its heritage in different formats allowing tourists to ensure a wonderful trip. However, those who travel to the city for the first time should keep certain things in mind for overcoming complications significantly.

There are several things to do in and around Ahmedabad allowing tourists to plan their trip according to needs.

  1. Siddi Saiyyed Mosque

Siddi Saiyyed Mosque is one of the important monuments in Ahmedabad. Built with Indo-Islamic architectural styles, the building has ten screen windows (jalis) on the rear and side arches. The twin jalis on the western wall depict the intertwining of tree branches. Another thing is that the carvings are well-appreciated for their excellent styles. Apart from that, the rear wall of the mosque has square stone pierced panels in geometric designs.

  1. Sabarmati Ashram

Sabarmati Ashram was a second home to Mahatma Gandhi from 1917 to 1930. It served as an important centre in the Indian freedom struggle movement. Visitors can view the cottage used by Gandhi in the ashram and other materials such as glasses, books, letters, wooden, slippers, etc.

  1. Kankaria Lake

Kankaria Lake is the largest lake located in the southern part of Ahmedabad. It is a perfect picnic spot for those who want to carry out adventure activities with family and children to witness complete entertainment. There are many recreational facilities available in the lake allowing visitors to make a trip depending on their needs.

  1. Nalsarovar bird sanctuary

Nalsarovar is one of the largest bird sanctuaries in India which attract more than 250 species of birds. Located 60 km away from Ahmedabad, it is the best destination for those who love birds. It is a perfect weekend gateway for tourists who want to get close to nature for relaxing the mind from various problems.

  1. Akshardham Temple

Akshardham Temple is a famous one located in Gandhinagar that is 25 km away from Ahmedabad. It stands as one of the best examples of contemporary architecture. The major attraction of the temple is its 10 storeys tall golden idol of the god Swaminarayan and a lot of devotees visit the place every year.

  1. Calico Museum of textiles

The museum is home to the finest collections of antique and modern textiles allowing visitors to know more about the history in detail. A single tour is available for the tourists on every day enabling them to visit main textile galleries. Moreover, the museum has a separate gallery that showcases the examples of needleworks from various parts of the world.

Travel tips to Ahmedabad

  1. Even though Gujarati is the main language spoken in Ahmedabad, several people use Hindi as the link language for communication purposes. International tourists can choose guides who speak fluently.
  2. Tourists must beware of fraudulent activities in Ahmedabad because some people will misguide them wrongly to extract more money. Therefore, it is advisable to find the crooks right from porters to tourist guides who will befool the tourists.
  3. It is advisable for visitors to take precautionary health measures for preventing unwanted complications. They should avoid eating unhygienic, raw, and unprocessed foods on the streets to prevent health issues.
  4. Visitors who want to exchange Indian currency should approach the banks and approved exchange centres for making the process a simple one. At the time, the exchanges rates may vary on a daily basis and travellers should aware of them properly from various sources.
  5. Tourists should always walk with a group and they should never travel alone in isolated places to avert potential threats. In addition, it is advisable not to travel in public transport with a lot of cash to avoid pickpocketing.
  6. Visitors can wear any type of outfits while visiting Ahmedabad city. However, it is a wise one to avoid costumes that expose the body of a person. One should always follow the local customs and traditions in the city when planning a trip.
  7. Entry tickets are necessary for travellers when they like to visit important monuments in the city. Visitors should know more about them in detail for making a trip without any hassles.
  8. Travellers should carry a duplicate copy of their ID, passport, visa, and other documents for identification purposes. Apart from that, they are compulsory in some places while buying tickets.
  9. Visitors should avoid drinking water from taps because they can lead to several issues that can affect the quality of life. It is advisable to buy bottled water from a store for maintaining health in perfect condition.

Where to stay in Ahmedabad?

Anyone who wants to stay in Ahmedabad should consider choosing budget hotels for meeting exact needs. There are many resorts which offer outstanding facilities to visitors allowing them to experience sophisticated accommodation. Tourists can book the cheapest resort in Ahmedabad online after making complete research from several hotel websites. Most resorts aim at fulfilling the expectations of visitors with modern features allowing them to get more excitement.

Tourists can even compare the prices of resorts in Ahmedabad online to choose a package at the best prices to save maximum money. The resort in Ahmedabad involves different types and one can select the right one among them after making a complete research. It is necessary to follow the rules and regulations properly while booking resorts online. This will help a lot to schedule a trip in advance with family and others accordingly. A hotel website guides tourists to pick a resort at discounted prices that can reduce the expenses to a large extent. Since the terms and conditions may vary from one website to another website, it is necessary to follow them correctly before booking a resort.