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Risk-takers to Industry Leaders: The JFI Productions Story



JFI Productions is an entertainment production company and creative development incubator that specializes in immersive theater, experiential live events, and film. The company was founded by Justin Fix, J.T. Swierczek, and their co-artistic directors Stephanie Turek and Daniel Montgomery on two maxed-out credit cards, and it has since become an industry-leading entertainment production company. JFI is now revolutionizing the entertainment industry by reinventing interactive entertainment through immersive theater, experiential live events, and film.

JFI’s slate of original immersive theater productions, including the critically acclaimed Creep LA, The Willows, and Night Fever, has received great reception from audiences and critics alike. In partnership with the most imaginative minds from Universal, Amazon, FX, Blumhouse, Peacock, Netflix, Overbrook, and Facebook, JFI has also created creative experiences and live activations that have redefined the entertainment industry.

What sets JFI apart is their commitment to creating human connection and conversation through storytelling. When guests enter the world of JFI, everyone is on the same playing field, and they get to experience entertainment in an entirely different way. JFI strives to reinvent the way people experience entertainment, allowing people to let their inner child play and have fun.

JFI’s shows are so in demand that they sell out in minutes, and guests have included famous personalities such as Billie Eilish, Will Smith, Anna Kendrick, Chrissy Teigen, Jordan Peele, Demi Moore, and Olivia Wilde, among others. JFI’s shows have also partnered with local charities to give back to the arts community, with True Connection, Art of Elysium, Beautify Earth, and Inner City Arts being some of the beneficiaries.

JFI has faced significant challenges, including the deaths of the founders’ fathers and the struggle to fund their self-funded company. However, they have continued to grow and remain true to their values. JFI’s values are what set them apart, with their no-asshole policy, belief in spreading joy, staying true to one’s word, holding each other accountable, and ensuring that everyone’s voice is heard within each project.

JFI’s dream is to expand their shows to multiple markets and release the two films they’ve written and have been green-lit. They also hope to have guests experience what they do all over the world and see how intimate storytelling mixed with surreal world-building can change a person’s life.

JFI’s story is a testament to the idea that one can carve their own path and make a difference. Their success has been driven by their belief in disrupting the entertainment industry by doing things differently. JFI’s success shows that staying true to one’s values, being comfortable with not always knowing the answer, and surrounding oneself with the people you love and trust can lead to great success.

As they continue to grow, we can expect them to continue to push the boundaries of immersive theater, experiential live events, and film, and inspire others to carve their own path and make a difference


Carson is an American entrepreneur and the co-founder of Smith, His primary expertise is in helping six to nine-figure businesses scale through disruptive strategies that encompasses digital media, branding and sales.