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Where do you start when choosing a bat for the first time? If you have never had to purchase a bat before it is a task which could be a little daunting. For starters, there are funny sizes starting with numbers and then changing to names and handle lengths. TALL JUNIOR CLOTHING Then there is the type and grade of willow to consider and finally the shapes of the bats.

So first things first, work out which size of bat you need. If you are an adult and are less than six foot tall then you will probably want a short handle bat, which is the standard adult size bat. If you are six foot tall or over then you will probably be more comfortable with a long handle bat. This as the name suggests just has a slightly longer handle so that the player doesn’t need to stoop so much to hold the cricket bat and play shots. If neither suits you some manufacturers offer a bat called the Long Blade model. This has a normal sized adult handle but blade is marginally longer as in the standard model. Overall it is therefore similar to a long handle bat.

For children the choices are obviously different. The sizes begin at zero and continue up to size 6 and then continue on to Harrow. There is also an Academy size which comes in between the Harrow and senior short handle cricket bats. Following are the guideline heights and sizes for the junior bat however various other points that should be considered will be discussed later.

It is best to visit a specialist equipment store when choosing a bat as they will let you lift the bats in store and you can then be sure that it is comfortable. Additionally the staff will be on hand to answer any queries you may have. The player who is to use the bat should stand and hold the bat as if he or she is waiting to play a shot on the crease and lift the cricket bat up in the back lift position as if about to make a shot. There should be no discomfort or strain for the player when lifting the cricket bat in this position. If the bat is too heavy for the player he will be forced to alter his grip as he lifts the bat to play a shot and this means that the bat will come down across the line of the ball. A bat for cricket that is too long will prevent correct pick up as the handle will get in the way. Both of these problems will affect the player’s ability to properly develop their technical skills and play the game to their best ability.