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Shooting dragon ball fish – Experience the most attractive fish shooting game Vn88



Vn88 is known as a very thoughtfully invested fish shooting game lobby, when providing a variety of games for members to choose from. Besides shooting fish games like Shooting five dragons or shooting unicorns, recently, vn88 website chinh thuc has just launched a super attractive version of shooting fish, which is Shooting dragon ball. If players are interested, please follow the article below for detailed information about this game!


What is attractive about shooting dragon ball fish?


Shooting dragon ball is a game in the genre of hunting fish to receive bonuses. This game has been simulated in 3D, the image is extremely sharp and realistic. Each design creature in the game will have its own functions and rewards.


For bosses like Diamond Basalt, Fire Crab, Ice Crystal Phi Phi will have a much higher reward if the game player knows how to successfully capture it. With extremely top-notch graphics and many new features that are regularly updated, Dragon Ball Shooting will definitely be an interesting experience when coming to the house. Do not hesitate to register vn88 and join.


Rules of shooting dragon ball fish at Vn88


With simple gameplay specifically as follows:

When players start hunting individuals, they will receive dragon balls, if they collect all 7 pieces, the player will receive a reward.

The bonus level of these 7 dragon balls is extremely valuable, not all players can be lucky to receive it.


The dragon balls will be divided into different attributes, if the player owns 3 of the same attribute. You will be able to cast stronger attribute skills and get great bonuses.

1 tile that is gathered into 3 gems will have the same attribute. The player who owns 2 squares can use full-screen attack power.




Shooting dragon ball fish will be a game that attracts players in the future. Quickly register (dang ky vn88 nhan 50k) to participate and experience the best moments here.