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TIPS for every novice surfer



For almost all novice surfers, making progress is and remains challenging in the beginning. Unfortunately, the Netherlands only has long, quiet waves where you have enough time to focus on technique and every move you make.

Especially with the higher, hollower waves, the timing of your pop-up must be perfect, and you must be able to execute movements smoothly and quickly.

Do you want to do this as soon as possible? Then read these tips carefully and use them for your next session!

Practice your pop-up at home

You may receive the most critical surfing tip: Practice your pop-up at home, on the floor in front of the mirror. We have done this every day for weeks in a row, and I can tell you, this works for EVERYONE.

Do 10 pop-ups in front of the mirror every day and think carefully about each step of your pop-up—this way, you learn how to move without thinking much about it.

The next time you go surfing, you can entirely focus on your position in the water and less on your pop-up!

Learn the right pop-up technique

There are many different techniques for getting up. One is easy for beginners to perform but takes a lot of time. The other is incredibly quick to complete but takes a lot of practice.

Which one is right for you? You will have to experience it for yourself. Browse the internet for different pop-up techniques and try them again at home.

We do not recommend teaching yourself a pop-up where you first have to sit on your knee(s) before you get up.

This is a reasonably easy pop-up to learn, but once it’s in your system, it takes a lot of work to unlearn the position on your knee to do your pop-up faster.


Many novice surfers underestimate the paddle, but the harder you paddle in front of a wave, the more likely you are to catch it and do your pop-up on the wave rather than behind it.

We emphasize that paddling harder does not mean paddling faster but more powerfully. Long steady, steady strokes are the key to generating enough speed.

You try to keep your board as calm as possible on the water. Pay attention to how much your board rocks back and forth when you try to paddle as fast as possible. This creates resistance and, thus, delay.

Watch while paddling in.

Before the wave reaches you, you already start with your paddle, which makes the oncoming wave disappear from your sight, and it can sometimes be a surprise how hollow or weak it arrives at you.

It can often help to take a quick look behind you during your paddle to see if you need to add extra power to catch the wave.

Stay low

If you have done your pop-up well and are on the wave, stay as low as possible. The lower you are, the more stable you are because of the low center of gravity.

Make sure that you do not stay low by bending your back completely, but keep your back straight and bend your legs. That gives you a much more excellent attitude, and you teach yourself a solid foundation to be able to do more surfing maneuvers later

Weight on the front foot

Your paddle is good, your pop-up is good, and yet you quickly fall behind the wave? Then there is a good chance you have too much weight on your back foot, causing your surfboard to fall backward and step on the brakes.

Once you do your pop-up, keep your hands in front of you. This automatically ensures that your weight is above your front foot and you can surf the wave longer. And it also looks a lot better in the pictures!

Importance of Surfing Photography

Finally, taking surfing photos is an important aspect of the surfing experience. It allows you to capture and remember the moment, and to share your experience with others. Just like you can find Surfer Dad Surf Blog With Sensational Surfing Photos @ a sport blog for sports lovers.

It also helps you to document your progress as a surfer and to see how far you have come. Additionally, it can help you to see things from a different perspective, which can help you to identify areas where you need to improve. Furthermore, it’s a great way to promote the sport and to inspire others to take up the sport.